2009 schedule released

I predict...wins in both preseason games, which will prompt some to declare that the team's losing culture is gone.

Then, the season will get underway, and the first real win will come sometime in August.

(I'd rather not have too high expectations, so I can't be disappointed, if the team continues to lose, while if they win it would be a pleasant surprise.)

GREAT Schedule ! :thup: for the Tiger-Cats.

GREAT move by the league having the games on CANADA DAY ! :thup:

GREAT move to have the playoff games on Sundays ! :thup:


I’m totally digging the 2009 schedule. The pre-season game on a Tuesday night is a pain in the rump roast, but with 3 holiday games, 3 Saturdays and 3 Friday nighters, it’ll make the commute to and from Scarborough alot more pleasant. A very nice way to start my tenure as a Ti-Cat season ticket holder. :rockin:

Also, given the schedule, it looks like either the Calgary game on Sept. 18 or the Montréal game on Sept. 25 will be the Hall of Fame Game this year.

Really happy with this schedule. Was kinda hoping for the late game on Labour Day -- last year was loads of fun. Haven't heard the stadium like that in years. Loads of energy.

Still though...this is really good. Can totally see buying a couple more flex paks this year because of it. Love the Friday and Saturday games.

Now, if we can come out of the gates with a few wins....