2009 schedule released

2009 schedule released ( although the link to the actual schedule is not working for me, here's an article about the schedule)


For the entire league...including us...try this one


4pm Labour Day. Don't like playing 4 days later in T-dot. That game is always a killer for us.

2pm on Halloween.

Overall looks good.

One other thing to try for the link on the main page...

Click on a different time zone and then click back to the Eastern one...that sets you up for us.

I like the schedual exept i have gone to the labour day game every year since i was six (11 years) but now i am starting to play at Mac and their game is a home game at 1pm, therefore i either cant go, or i go late! i dont want either

a tuesday preseason game?? Kinda weird but I guess this helps the Canada Day start!

ya it not bad this year last year was worse..

I'm happy with the schedule...No Thurs night Home games.

yeah you guys got lucky with the Thursdays. Esks get 5!. I was hoping to come out east this year and take in a Toronto/Hamilton football weekend but theres only one week where both have a home game and its a Thursday/Friday. boooo!

Start times of 6:00pm and 6:30pm for Saturday games????
Just a little weird ,I think

Overall, not too bad.
Would still prefer the Labour Day game to start earlier, but 4pm I can live with.

Hey, that worked for me. Thanks!

When all is said and done, not a bad schedule. I especially like the Saturday afternoon game against Sask at 2 o'clock, kind of "Old School" I guess. Like Kerrigan, I find the 6 o'clock starts on Saturday a bit weird, guess they want people to eat their supper there. :wink: Would sooner have them later or earlier(see above), but no big deal.

Not too bad. I would prefer that the LD rematch be on the Saturday instead of the Friday night, but it is a much better schedule for us than last year. Tuesday and Wednesday games are odd, but I won't complain too much about that.

Kudos to the Cats Management. I am assuming based on fan feedback (as they had a poll here) that the team requested no Thursday home games. Those Thursday games were a killer for me the last couple of years as I could not attend them. Based on this schedule I will be able to make at least 5 of the home games and 2 more are possible. I will be able to go to both of the away games in Toronto. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to either of the games in Montreal though... I will be able to get a flex pack now that I know I can make a majority of the home games.

Once again two thumbs up from this fan for no Thursday games!!!

Finally the league gets it right and the teams in the East play Eastern teams at the end of the season more than the west it makes for what could be an exciting finish to the season and maybe some season ending games that mean as much as the playoffs.
Looks like the playoffs (or playoff like games) could be played with as much as 4 weeks left to go in the season I like the potential in that.
Kudos to the league for realizing this.

I like it! :thup:

No Thursday home games :thup: :thup:

For the attention span impaired:

Summary (not in exact chronological order):
Our one pre-season home game is on a Tuesday night.
Home opener (regular season) on Canada Day at 7pm.
Labour Day Monday game at 4pm.
Thanksgiving Monday game at 4:30pm.
3 Friday night games.
2 Saturday evening games.
1 Saturday afternoon game.

Other than the canada day opener i like it. suprised they got the argos to go for the back to back labor day game since they cried about the cats being such a poor draw last year. Back to back makes it way more fun, at least for me.

im loving the fact that we open our season against our arch rivals

the 4:00 pm labour day start is better. getting home at midnight while wide awake and having to get up and go to school the next day was brutal.

overall it looks pretty good :thup: