2009 QB Playout

Okay, as I gaze deeply into my crystal ball, I see training camp coming to a close in 2009 and see......

Well I don't see what actually happens but I do see the following scenarios play out

Scenario 1
-Porter is named the starter, beat out Printers in camp
-Printers is cut (either at the end of camp or after the first 2 weeks of the season to make sure QP is the guy)
-Williams is named #2
-Trafalis is named #3

Scenario 2
-Printers wins the job
-Porter is #2
-Trafalis is #3
-Williams is cut

I see scenario 1 happening. If Obie sticks to his word, he will bring Printers to camp.

Here's what I think should happen for the rest of this season
-starter Porter for the rest of the season
-don't use Trafalis, he has only seen a little bit of the Canadian game, give him training camp and a half of a preseason game, Porter did this and look how well he turned out. You don't throw guys into the fire
-Printers should be cut the day after the grey cup
-Williams is our back up headed into next year

I don't think that we have a QB controversy. We know what Printers and Williams can do for us. They have been given ample opportunity. We need to see what Porter can do and expose him to live game action. If Porter does what he has been doing these past 2 games then I think you annoint him the starter and Obie goes back on his word and releases Printers.

Do you even trust Obie anymore? Printers shouldn't be in our camp next year. He has been at the helm for 1 win and most of that was Lumsden. Our money is better spent elsewhere.

Yes, I do. I have no idea what the result of training camp next year will be, but I do expect Printers to be here competing for the number 1 job, unless he is traded, which I doubt will happen.

I think alot will depend on who is coaching and who will be the OC as Printers may have suffered form an offensive scheme that did not fully exploit his athletic abilitites.

No question that Porter is looking very good, but I'm still finding it hard to believe that Printers has totally lost it.

(BTW, it's Tafralis, not Trafalis as the Spec printed )

If Printers and Porter do go to camp together, Printers will be the starter.

My crystal balls say that if there is a market for Printers, he will be traded.....maybe the Argos, maybe Montreal.
If there is no market for Printers on hte trade front he will be released before camp.
It all goes back to the salary cap.
$500,000 is too much cash to leave on the table using Printers as a back-up or cutting in camp.
You would need to go after some top CFL free agents, or trade for a few high paid CFL vets on other teams that are struggling to get under the cap with Casey's $500,000 to spend.

I am putting my crystal balls away....it is cold!

Printers contract was front loaded and all though it may average out to 500,000 he isn't making that much this year or next year. It's probably more around 300,000 or 350,000

I think your crystal ball is a little cloudy having two scenerios. I prefer tea leaves.
Here’s what my predictions are using them.
Printers will lose out to Porter at spring camp. Printers, because of his higher salary will be released and Williams will be an adequate 2nd stringer with Tafralis in 3rd. Printers will be picked up by TO but…and here’s the good part…will do no better than here.
Unfortunately, for the sake of continuity, Creehan will remain as DC.
DMac will remain Porter’s mentor, assistant OC and 5th string QB after Setta.
Obie will find players who you would swear are Joe Montford, Rob Hitchcock and Geroy Simons.
The offence will have two American 6’8? monster blockers added.
Oh ya, Tiger Town will be known as the place where players and coaches will want to come to.
The tealeaves are all knowing! :rockin:

Hey, I'am going out right now and by some tea

As CBC reported the contract

Hamilton Spec:
For the remainder of 2007, he'll be paid a base salary of $100,000, a signing bonus of $250,000 and a second bonus of $100,000 after the Grey Cup. That whopping $450,000 for essentially a half-season, is the only reason that the Cats won the Printers derby over, primarily, the Argos. The post-Cup $100,000 counts against next year's salary cap, the other $350,000 against this year's.

He will then receive between $400,000 and $450,000 for each of the next two years and a third, club-option, year.

There are also incentive bonuses for Printers' post-season accomplishments, which would also count against the cap if he reaches them.

So at the lowest salary reported he is on the books for $400,000-$450,000/year plus bonuses next season.
On the salary cap this season for either $500,000 or $550,000

What it adds up to is the Cats have paid Printers by the end of this season $850,000-$900,000 for a grand total of 5 TDs and 13 INT and maybe as many TD passes to the other teams defense as to our offence....hard to find that stat!

Cut our loses...deal him or cut him!

What kind of tea leaves do you have? Are they the kind you roll up and smoke???

Don't forget that he led us to 1 victory as a starting QB!

There is no trade market for Printers; he has either the biggest or 2nd biggest contract in the league yet he has produced almost nothing. So why would anyone want to take over his huge contract?

He'll be released early in the off-season-- at least, that is what will happen if there is any sense at all in the Ti-Cats organization. And then there'll be some cap room on the table to sign a couple of quality linemen, etc. during the winter free agency scramble.

Given how weak the East division is, Hamilton has a legitimate chance to grab second place next year as long as sensible moves are made during the off-season.

I think he'll be released as well. Obie says he'll come to camp but freeing up his contract now, helps us to sign d linemen on February 15th.

If we keep CP, and cut him after training camp, well be $500,000 below the salary cap. We can use his money to bring in some free agents who can help us.

I think we will be 3rd next year in the east. MTL, WPG, Ham, Tor. Winnipeg will rebound next year. I think they will surprise everyone in the playoffs.

Montreal is good and all they really need now is a QB of the future. I think CP sitting behind AC for 2 years would be beneficial and then he could take over when AC retires.

Hamilton will be competitive between 8-10 wins next year. Think Bob will have another playoff guarantee? I think Bellefeuille will be back as HC next year. We have to build on the minimal successes of this year and keep something the same. We find a better DC and a good rush end and we are set for the future.

Toronto is in shambles. They have a terrible coach. They have too many veterans in their 30s. They don't have a QB of the future or the present. Toronto will be the "Hamilton" of the CFL over the next 3 years.

Former CFL MVP threw for 5,088 yards, 36 touchdowns in 2004
2008 - PRINTERS, C - 1562 yards - 2 TD

What a difference 4 years make...

Four years of riding the pines can be a talent killer for players, especially QBs.

why would they release printers? so someone else can pick him up for nothing? they will keep him or trade him and anyone who thinks a trade cant be worked out because of his salary is wrong. If they want to cut salary they will release him. If they want to get better they will trade him. 400k goes to the other team in printers contract and we get a player or two in return so money comes back. The cats could also pick up some of his contract if they have to but release him for nothing? that not gonna happen unless they want to just plain cut money and even when they do that(and they do) they will take a draft pick or two.
Imagine a team next year with a struggling qb about 6 games into the season and needing a qb badly.......do you think they might over pay to get printers? I say hold on to him till someone is in a bind and take them to the cleaners if you dont want him as a starter.
Of course they had winnipeg in a similar bind with no mlb and just gave them moreno so........its hard to say what they might do.

What does "Take another team to the cleaners" amount to?

If there is a trade market in the off season for Printers, trade him.
If there is no trade market, release Printers, take the money and sign 2-3 free agents.
You will get them for the whole season, not six games in.

If they wait they will get more, simple as that. they traded maas to montreal for piercy and a week later ray was hurt and edmonton needed a qb bad.....sometimes you can hold on to an asset a little longer and wait till someone is more desperate. cutting printers loose for nothing is insane. heres an idea.......sign 2 or three free agents and trade printers for another starter......imagine that?

You think Printers' contract isn't a huge barrier to a trade? Come on. Guys get released in this league all the time-- and a lot of them have produced more than Printers has, and were also making a lot less money. You don't take on a 400k contract unless the guy is a proven top-quality QB-- and I don't mean from four seasons ago.

Every asset has a value-- and right now, Printers' asset value is nowhere near what his contract is. Under that scenario, there's no trade to be made.

... you'd still have a backup QB making far too much...

as I mentioned, trading him isnt easy because of his contract but it can be done. it just has to be worked out as part of the deal. they traded maas didnt they? he had a big contract also. What do you think a first string qb makes? do you think ray makes around 400k or calvillo? if they dont then its awfully close and if the sms goes up again then 400k next year likely wont be the highest paid qb in the league. If someone wants printers they will work it out. If you get some money coming back the other way its easily done. I still believe that he has value in this league to other teams and he wouldnt be the first player to suck here and go on to regain his form elsewhere. Its a gamble but teams will take it and if he starts, they will be happy to pay him 400k.