2009 Officiating

Just to sum up the refs in 2009 in 1 word: Terrible.

I think the CFL may have "fired" the wrong officials.

Over the offseason I am going to reread the rules because there are a few that I just don't understand anymore:

  1. Holding, called sometimes, missed a lot of times, they call Dyakowski in the middle of a huge pile on the Cobb TD run that I just can't figure out

  2. Pass interference, I just don't get the rule anymore, we get called for screening even though our DB turned his head around and knocked the ball away, screening is when you don't look back at the ball and just throw your hands up in the air

  3. No yards, it's a pretty simple rule, a defender who is within 5 yards get a penalty. The refs all year have not been calling this one consistently. It's the simplest rule to call!!!

Anyways, did we lose any games because of the refs? No but a missed or bad call can turn the momentum of the game.

The CFL needs to hire these officials full time. Not part time.

If the game is on Sunday, this should be their schedule.

Monday, Tuesday off.
Wednesday review ALL games from the previous weekend
Thursday on field workouts plus work on positioning and reviewing the rules
Friday give out assignments for the weekend, review the teams, players and coaches, plus more on field
Saturday is a travel day
Sunday game day and travel after game

It's really simple. Your refs are only as good as their preparation during the week, just like the players. How can a guy who sells insurance for 5 days really take the time to focus on a game he is going to ref on Sunday afternoon.

I agree. Horrendous. I watched the Calgary game when I got home and the exact type of play we got the interference on, they did not call a penalty.
The consistency from crew to crew and even play to play is non existent. The players and the fans deserve better.

Typical response of a loser. Its the same for both teams. Its also no better nor any worse than past seasons. And finally its not likely to change. Quit whining and enjoy the game. There isn't enough money to pay full time officials and it won't make a big difference anyway

Trust me, it's not sour grapes. This year I have seen it decline fast vs previous years.

Calls are made and even pointed out by the broadcast crew that they don't understand.

I use Tiger Cat examples because I watch them the most.

It's tough to enjoy the game when bad calls are made or missed.

Full time officials would make a huge difference. Think of how much you know your job because you do it 5 days a week. Imagine if officials worked 5 days on reffing. Huge difference.

Remember in high school with your part time job. You go to school for 5 days and then work a few shifts a week at a part time job. How much effort did you really put in to the PT job? What was your focus more on? You work to make money but in the end you don't focus as much on work as you do with school.

Disagree. Officiating complaining has been refined to an art form in every sport in every league. Fuul time officials might even hurt the league since you'd have to pay them at least 75,000 to retain the majority. The problem in the CFL is the lack of a vibrant youth program to recruit officials from IMO. BTW full time officials wont do one more game so that argument is BS. It comes down to training. IMO training is lacking but not enough to justify full timers. An extra one day seminar per week covers it

It's a pipe dream and it's not going to happen anytime soon but it's really frustrating not knowing what is and isn't a penalty.

The hold on Dyakowski. I just don't get the penalty call. I know that it was away from the play but to me a penalty is a penalty but I don't understand how you have a huge scrum and you can pick out the guard for holding. I am going to watcht he replay of the game sometime today but how in the world can you see that? There was 12+ guys in the scrum and you can pick out a hold right in the middle of it. Give the guy props if he got it right but really how can you see that?

I, like everyone else want consistency, game to game, week to week with officiating. I am not getting that in the CFL, sorry but I am not.

McDaniel has his arm held back and it's a penalty but Bradley gets called for screening when he clearly turned his head around.

That's what I call consistency. If Bradley's was a penalty, then so was the one on McDaniel.

You just proved its sour grapes. Learn to deal with it. It is never going to change. Lighten up and enjoy the good season. We didn’t deserve to win yesterday

Agreed. it goes both ways. It's a non factor.

I actually thought the officiating was pretty good this year, better than than the last few.

I agree, we did not deserve to win yesterday. That said, the officials have been brutal all year.
We were out played and out coached yesterday. That does not take away from the fact the fans and the players all across this league deserve better officiating.
They had nothing to do with our loss yesterday. They just need to catch up to the players in term of ability.

If you don't think that these officials are completely INEPT, you may need to have your eyes tested. I don't generally complain about bad officiating because I know it DOES go both ways, however they were ridiculous. They called Bradley for screening when he very obviously turned around and yet did not call the Lions player in the East endzone for anything when he did NOT even pretend to turn around for the ball. They don't seem to be able to make a call on their own and on one of the TD's I could have gone down and gotten a coffee and still would have been back in time to see them signal TD. The ref that was standing right on the line did not make the call. These guys are brutal. I know they are human (or at least they tell us they are), but in a game as important as this one, this late in the year, they JUST HAVE TO BE BETTER. It's a joke.

I agree they seemed to be better to me as well

I agree with Alan also I hate to say it but these are the exact same words as Bart Andrus who i believed got fined for it. I do know a few pass interference calls were missed and a few were called that werent called earlier I just dont understand how BC did not get nailed for 1 single Pass Interference call the entire Game. Specially when you see it now im gunna watch the game again at home this time instead of the stands just to make sure its not my emotions from such a heartbreaking loss.

I do know they are more qualified and doing a better job than any of the posters complaining about them could. Referee bashing is as old as sport. Its always been pointless and its always been predominately sour grapes. Bart got fined for being an idiot. He knows there is a process that actually addresses these concerns and he doesn't like the results. Quit if you don't like it. It isn't going to change by going public. In fact it is certain to get worse for the offending coaches team. You won't hear Marcel complaining about those calls because its counterproductive. Thats the difference between a smart coach and a stupid one

It's NOT sour grapes if you admit that the missed calls go both ways. Is it counterproductive?? Sure, but nothing will change if we don't voice our opinions on the ineptitude. I don't know how many games you watch, but I have seen the refs influence the outcome of the game more than once this year and I'm NOT just talking about the Cats. I'm not bashing anyone. I am simply stating a fact as I see it. They are brutal and they need to improve. Why is it ok to say we need upgrades in coaching positions or at player positions, but not ok to mention that the refs need to improve as well??

I'll admit I watch a lot more hockey games than football games. Referees influence games in every sport with about the same frequency. Its a fact of life. Winning teams learn to overcome it. Losing teams wallow in it. Fans really don't make any difference in the equation. If you want to improve things, volunteer to referee peewee football and learn how things really work. Otherwise ......

Yes they do, but the frequency with which they influence it in the CFL is pretty pathetic. I watch A LOT of football. I watch most CFL games throughout the season. Some of the calls and non-calls I have seen are astounding. I haven't heard our players or coaches comment n it and we have actually overcome some horrible officiating to win games. The point of this thread is that the CFL needs to improve the training and efficiency of the "officials". Things are going to be missed. It happens and I don't dispute that, but you AT LEAST have to be consistent with what you are calling a penalty during THE SAME game and they certainly are not.

The officiating in the CFL has always been rather poor from what I've seen.


When I used to do a lot of coaching, I always told my players not to worry about a ref’s mistake,because we, as players and coaches will likely make more mistakes during a game than the refs will, so focus on what we have to do.

No the point of the thread was to complain. Period. I have no more problem with CFL officiating than officiating in other sports I follow. Its all well below the players talent level once you move past youth sport. Its all equally inconsistent and maddening. Its always a complaint for fans, so bad that its difficult to get people of talent to volunteer in every sport.

These guys are no volunteers. They are paid "professionals" and as a supporter of the CFL though my ticket cost and merchandise, I have the right to expect a level of the professionalism from the refs that just isn't there at this point. This isn't house league hockey where the 15 year olds get to ref the 10 year olds. This is the pros. If they can't get up to speed they should be replaced.