2009 new coach hires in CFL

Not possible. With Hamilton making a terrible move to keep MB. It looks like other quality coaches will have to wait another season for Bob Young to fire another Tiger Cat coach and get his chance.

With Toronto maybe the only team looking for a coach, and that's not for sure yet. It's possible that Michael Clemons could return, or even possibly going after someone like Matt Dunnigan who already said he might be done with TSN. Doug Flutie is a possibility. And maybe even Tom Clements.

Coaches below should get a chance to be a head coach as they are proven assistants, and with great CFL awareness, they 1 day might be the next CFL coach of your favourite team.

Mike Benevides BC
Chris Jones CALGARY
Scott Milanovich MONTREAL

All I have to say is Edmonton better be looking for a new coach come December...

They'll probably replace Maccioca with Rick Campbell. Wouldn't that be a kick in the nuts!

God help us if they did that... :? I'd say a large portion of the staff needs to be given the boot.

From inside the league, my top candidates are:

Chris Jones. Should have been H.C. in 2007 but Popp's ego won out. Jones has paid his dues, he's a proven CFL veteran coach, a great defensive mind. Give him a job!

Richie Hall. Same as Jones. Hall should get a chance to call the shots.

George Cortez. One of the best offensive minds in the league.

It's really mind boggling that the Esks org. has kept him around as long as they have. It's just so.......un-eskimo like.

They really made a bad decision making Don Mathews head coach of toronto, he treats his player like crap, to be sucessful you have to be a good coach. Look at all the coaches with bad tempers( rich stubler, Charlie Taffee, don Mathews, Dough Berry) they don't have very good teams, compared to the coaches who find a way to fix a problem rather than freak out(Ken miller Kent Austin, wally Buano, Mark Tresmen)

You do know that until recently Matthews had more wins than any other coach in CFL history, right?

I do believe that MB got the nod for next year because management like the direction the team was going in with Marcel as head coach. He may not be everyone’s choice, but if the players know that he will be there next season, at least there is some stability there. I honestly think he has done a good job with the Cats, given the fact that he knew they had no chance of making the playoffs this year.

No No Chief, WE ALL LOVE DISCO DANNY! :lol: :lol:

Actually I think Marcel didn't do all that bad as the HC. He looked better as a HC than he does as a OC. He is a scary scary scary bad OC. I honestly don't know how he kept his jobs in Sask, Mtl, and Ham.

Maybe Danny Barrett would be interested in coaching the Argos? :cowboy:

Instead of recycling the usual cast of characters, it is time to think outside the box and just like the Als, find another Marc Trestman with co-ordinators having CFL experience.

Agreed. There are only so many people within the CFL fold. Time to get some new blood.