2009 Losses over 1 Million


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Considering all the salaries paid out for the coaching staff, not surprising.

…No wonder Bauer rode on out of the Peg in a helluva hurry headed for cowtown…It;s a sad legacy to leave after he did so much to correct the financial situation previously…Seems like him and his little buddy Taman threw in the towel…I think the stamps and the riders better keep a close eye on their books or they’ll be going down the same road…Now we have to dig out of this mess :twisted:

And we will Papa...

Season ticket sales a slightly ahead of last year...if that trend continues, it's a good start.

Hopefully the Bombers rebound financially in 2010. Kelly's circus didn't help sell tickets last year.

i dunno, its not like all our games were poorly attended last season, the first and the last (i was at both) were official sell outs. i went to about 7 in total including the first and last home games of the year (missed the banjo bowl and the game where the als wooped em). the first game of the year was soldout, the banjo bowl was sold out, the last game of the season was sold out.. 1/3 of our home games were sold out last season. im not so sure the attendance doesnt have more to do with fans who dont want to go sit outside in september and october cuz its too cold. Its not like this isnt the normal for wpg tho, look at seasons past and you'll see that the attendance dropped about as much as it normally does when we hit the "colder" months.

perhaps we overspent on coaches and paying out management and the sorts. it would be interesting to know tho how much came because of the attendance lacking for the colder months and the fact we didnt really get much summer games, i dunno.

i guess what people need to do is umm yeah, even if u dont like the coach.. umm go to a game otherwise this team wont last here much longer. People need to ask themselves.. am i a football fan? if the answer is yes.. well prove it, if the answer is no, 1. why are u here and 2. why arent u a fan and what can be done to make you one.

That's a differential of -1.7 million dollars with the year before. Talk about disaster.

bell confirmed that roughly 950,000 of that money was spent on the pay outs of coaches and 1 final payment to doug berry this past year aswell, this -1.2 is because we had to HAD TO HAD NO CHOICE to basically let everyone of our coaches outside of harris go this off season and we had to pay them out aswell. Harris is the only coach from last years team left.. dyce went to sask, matsakis was on a 1 year deal that expired.. the rest of the coaching staff, mike kelly included plus some extra's to bauer such as vac pay and the sorts... and roughly thats 950,000 right there. the rest i dunno.. guess atttendance took a hit after all.. maybe more so than usual but not by that much.. u take out the money we spent on firing coaches and office staff, CLEANING HOUSE, and we lose less than 100 grand. about 70 k or so.. the troubling part is.. i suppose that 70k was probably due to smaller crowds this past season. hopefully bomber fans come back this season, Kelly and his reign of terror and evil is over. HoPEFULLY the fans who left because satan was running the show come back this season and give the new regime a chance, unless we are gonna lefors them.. haha yeah thats the word this year for sure for somebody who beleives they are owed something when they havent proven crap.. LEFORS.. :slight_smile:

I don't think attendance was a reason for losing money. Besides the money to the coaches, Murphy and Bauer, there was also a loss involved with the cancelled concert. That might be recouped though since the Bombers launced a lawsuit regarding that.

"Community Ownership" rules!! Don't change a thing!!!

Taman I believe has limited controls regarding Rider finances, hence why Ken Miller is actually Taman's boss. But, if somehow, someway, Taman manages to screw up our finances considering the books we currently enjoy, I don't think it's roads he's going to have to worry about......

Season ticket sales have been basically same past 5 years. It is walkup crowd that will make or break team. If team starts losing games at season start it will be low crowds and financial losses.

there is a base of about 22000 who will go to games regardless, doesnt matter how the team is playing, doesnt matter who the coach is or what he says to upset some fans, doesnt matter what the bombers record is.. there is a base of about 22000 people who WILL GO TO GAMES REGARDLESS..

the others well, it depends on the day, the weather, how they are doing.. etc.. attendance was pretty decent last season until we got wooped 55-10 at home against the riders. attendance after that took a drop and rightfully so, we were being embarassed on our own field with a coach who refused to change any of the schemes and obvious problems the team had.

last year is not the normal around these parts, guaranteed if our ex coach didnt shoot off his mouth and "peace" off a good portion of fans that our attendance would have avg'd around 26000. but he did so our attendance suffered abit.

last year was last year tho and its time to forget about it and move on, its like that ex gf u broke up with, u know, maybe part of u wants her back so u keep going back to that time when u were with her and trying to figure out what u can do to make it right again... but u cant do anything cuz u cant change the past. im tired of reading about last year and what should have's or if's and but's.. enough already. NOTHING u can do about 2009 or the past in 2010 so really.. just let it go. Unless u arent a fan, then i understand how u keep bringing things that are so very irrelevant in the year 2010 up.

I stumbled across this article today Papa, and remembered this thread. I thought I'd clip it to give you guys a chuckle....

Taken from http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Ride ... story.html

Taman said he and Ken Miller -- Saskatchewan's head coach and vice-president of football operations -- will monitor the financial picture every day this season to continue the Roughriders' run under the cap. It's the same policy Taman followed during his 10-season run in the Bombers' front office.

In Taman's mind, if the Bombers went over the cap in '09, it had nothing to do with him and everything to do with the Mike Kelly regime.

"I don't recall going over when I was there," Taman said.

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I guess he was being TECHNICALLY correct! :lol: :lol: :lol: