2009 Grey Cup

Hey when is the CFL going to announce who will be hosting the 2009 Grey Cup, is it just more or is this a late announcement? Also Who should host it?

Halifax and Ottawa? Little optimistic? :lol:

My thoughts exactly. :roll: :roll:

Calgary and Hamilton haven't hosted it in a while. I think both might get considered.

Yes I agree sports.
Both Calgary and Hamilton should be hosted a Cup within the next 5 years.
I would like to see Ottawa back in the fold and hosting a cup too after a few seasons.

Yes BB perhaps a Grey Cup once owners are found and a startup for the franchise would help any new owner get settled in.

I chose winnipeg because I want the lions to go into winnipeg and take the cup from them in their own park. :rockin:

I was being optimistic i also had Quebec City on the list but it didnt work for some reason.
Why is the announcment so late?

Late? We haven't even played the 2008 season yet. :expressionless:

I remeber being at the 2005 Grey Cup and Toronto was giving out 2007 Grey Cup T-Shirts

The early buzz from about July was that 2009 was going to Calgary, but they just haven't gotten around to making the official announcement as of yet.

Its not a question of who should host it as opposed to who wants to host it.

I would love to see the GC game played in Regina again some day.

I am pretty sure that Calgary will get it. It will be the west's turn, as it will be East cups in a row (if you count Winnipeg) after next year.

Hamilton would be a great city to host a cup! Hamilton will also never host the cup as long as they play in IWS. New stadium equals new cup.

Riders = 100th GC! :lol:

I hope...

Play it in Buffalo! :wink:

or the frozen fields of the north

Is there any talk of a new stadium in Hamilton? I cant wait till i get my 2009 Hamilton Grey Cup Ticket

The Grey Cup should be hosted in one of the three cities that have covered stadiums.

I know Vancouver and To have covered stadiums, where is the 3rd?????????

Counting next year in Montreal, that would be 3 GC in the East. Definitely the West turn.