2009 Grey Cup to Calgary

Apparently the announcement will be made tomorrow at Flames Central

[url=http://canadianpress.google.com/article/ALeqM5gqTbLnXE7URhfkZcERp2vYgCcdZQ]http://canadianpress.google.com/article ... p2vYgCcdZQ[/url]

Congrats to Calgary!

Nice! This will be good. I've never been to Calgary before. Now I got a reason to go. My buddies and I have been to the last 4 Grey Cups. This will be our first in the West. I guess I gotta get some really warm clothes. I hear Calgary is damn cold in late November.

The Calgary Pancake breakfeast better be heated!

sorry to tell ya birdie, but Winnipeg is in western Canada... so you have been to a cup in the west...

Not according to the divisions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great news although I love road trips. As for what clothes to bring, the temperature in Calgary in late November should be somewhere between 20 and -40 degrees so take lots of clothing options.

You can have three seasons in one day that time of year.

good for calgary i am sure they will host a good show.

Now if your a fan of any team that has green uniforms clothing is optional. :lol: :lol:

Great news for Calgary! I wonder if Hamilton will bid for the 2010 game?

Congrats to the Stamp organization and to the fans, I'm sure they will do things first class all the way.

Nice to have the cup back in the West. Nice short road trip from Regina and I won't have to pony up big money like I did in Toronto.

I've been waiting for them to get it, Now just Hamilton needs to get it and I will have been to every stadium for a grey cup.

Also having a 6 hour drive instead of any kind of flight will help my wallet a bit.

I thought it was already decided that it will be in Toronto.

....great news....the cowboys always put on a good show....and with regards to Winnipegs geographical location alluded to in an earlier post....definitely west my friends...just cuz we're taking up temporary digs in upper Canada....NEVER refer to us as eastern....ouch..... :roll: :lol:

Blink, I don't know of anything saying the 2010 game is in Toronto. Some talk of the 100th anniv game in Toronto, that's in 2012 I think.

pap, Winnipeg is, in the words of one of my favourite singers, on the "edge of it all." :wink:

Time to start working on Mrs Sportsmen.

Reason # 1

Its just as cold in Calgary in November as it is here!

Reason #2

We can see R&W and his Red Cape!

Way to go Calgary......Lots of time for me to arm twist! :wink:

That's what it was! Thanks for the clarification.

No prob. Although you'd have to think that if the Big Owe is still around, Montreal would get it, the 100th aniv GC, since it seats about 15,000 more than the Rogers Centre. Or maybe any stadium that can do 60,000 min.

I hope the deciding factor would be stadium size because then the 100th anniversary game would be played in Edmonton. This would be a great choice, best and largest stadium, best fans, best frachise, best perogies and cabbage rolls.

However I would be surprized if those with long foreheads don't give the game to the centre of the universe.