2009 Grey Cup sold out!

Of course it was going to sell out but I wasn’t expecting it to happen quite this fast. Great news for those of us who have tickets. Now for them to finish the details on all of the beer drinking locations, err… official Grey Cup parties. :smiley: I can’t wait to see the Lions win another Grey Cup in Calgary. :rockin:

That's awesome!

I'm thinking of going to the Grey Cup next year in Edmonton. I guess now I know i'll have to get my tickets early. :thup:

Does anyone know what the size of the crowd will be? They said tonight there are approx. 40,700 fans. Will there be more for the Grey Cup?

It'll be the same as tonight. They were saying before the game they rushed to get in all the extra seats in time for Labour Day.

A little small for my liking but good news that it is sold out.

When the endzone seats are $205, I'm sure that the Stamps are going to be making a few bucks out of this. Any they say the economy is down.........

Just from tickets quickly calculating this GC, I would guess what around $12M-$15M?

Yup and the take is higher at BC and Edmonton with the larger stadiums. The Grey Cup is always a big money generator for both the host team and city. Considering Oilberta's economy has tanked even harder than ours, they could use the $!

the scalpers tickets will be cheap on game day! its like that all the time!

They are still adding 5000 more seats & the sell out is 45,700...

they sure are....was at the game on Monday and you can see that some of the seats to the very outside of the temporary seating was unavailable for purchase and there appeared there was more seats coming in on the sides as well