2009 free agents

Any idea who is a free agent in 2009 who can help our team? I'm pretty sure Gavin Walls and Kerry Watkins are free agents, I think with the right amount of cash we can get them here. Also I think we need to trade Printers at the end of the season, I think if Calvillo retires at the end of the season, which given certain circumstances he will, we should trade Printers to Montreal for a starting linebacker or o-linemen. With a few free agency signings and the right draft picks we can be competitive next year.

I said earlier that if Printers leaves, Montreal should pick him up to replace AC.

The CFL is very secretive about free agents and length of contracts.

We definitely need to sign o and d linemen.

I would also get rid of NML. Useless!

Nobody will take Printers in a trade because his contract is way too large compared to his production. Plus, Mtl isn't too thrilled about how they thought that they had an agreement with him last summer, only to have the rug pulled out as they were waiting to meet him at the airport.

I think that most likely he'll end up in Toronto as a free agent after the Cats cut him loose.

I also think that if we are to cut Printers loose maybe we should bring in an experienced CFL QB, maybe Marcus Crandell?

8) You want to trade Printers to Montreal, so that he can come back and haunt us and beats us for the next 5 years ??? Montreal has a knack for turning struggling QB's into stars eg. AC.
   That is why I would be hesitant to get rid of Printers too soon.  Keep him around till next season, then if he is still struggling then, look at getting rid of him at that point  !!

   I just have the feeling that if we get rid of him to soon, it could come back to bite us big time down the road  !!!

It's a little early to start looking at Free Agents. I realise we are pretty much out of the playoffs, but how about we wait until they are not signed by their current teams, and actually are Free Agents. I hope we make some significant acquisitions this year to help in areas where we are not good enough to compete.

As far as trading Printers goes, I disagree with this. He has played OK at times, and not so good at other times. He has also looked to be trying to hard, and has not had much pass protection. We need to be patient, and upgrade the O-Line before we give up. Casey has not really played for a couple of years, and being a QB in a game is not just like riding a bicycle. Remember when Henry Burris came back to the CFL after sitting for a few years. He didn't look so good, but look at him now!


I love how everyone wants to "release, trade, cut loose" Printers on the very year of one of his favourite receivers is becoming an FA.

I say the ats should go heavily after Geroy Simon in the offseason and see if Printers and Simon can rekindle their chemistry, if they can't, then look at moving Printers as his contract will be more trade friendly if I'm not mistaken, it was front loaded

obviously our first priority in the off-season will be to improve the Defensive line and offensive line (we may be able to draft two offensive lineman in the first round like calgary did and have them start) then the next thing IMO would be to get a proven reciever like a Geroy Simon.

and dont forget to re-sign nick setta!

Geroy will be 34 next year.
I do not think the team is looking for a 1 or 2 year band aid.

The problem with Printers is his salary isn't worth his production. With the money we could have QB of equal ability(Williams or Porter) and put alot more talent around him. I would say keep Printers if he was throwing 4 TD's a game and 500 yards, but he isn't.

Why not, it puts them 1 step closer to a GC appearance, after that ANYTHING can happen, besides 34 is really not that old, and he can STILL produce, no reason that should drop off by next year or even the year after!

He is Still Productive and Could be asset Helping are Young WR
Plus he more Durable them Tony Miles is .
Never Players age see if he still getting it done.. Geroy is

Printers will go and be the new AC... n kick our ass for years to come....

But he should go, n Lumsden too, free up a lot of wasted money...n sign a line....

So who do we put at QB? A guy who looked good playing one half of football? Let's give Porter some time first, once other teams see the film and figure him out we'll see how he handles it.

It wasn't too long ago that we threw in a guy called Eakin into a game against the Renegades - he looked awesome - the chant was on "this guy has to our starter lets get rid of Danny". But hold on - every other team looked at the film and figured him out. A dud - we started him too soon and he was quickly replaced. Fast forward to Timmy Chang - he comes in relief of Maas and looks awesome. The chant is on "this is our starter" other teams look at the film and figure him out - a dud!
Then Richie Williams - comes in relief of Printers and wow the chant is on "he's our starter" other teams look at the film and figure him out - a dud.

No its Porters turn- one half of football.
Please prove me wrong - but odds are it will be the same situation as Eakin, Chang, Williams etc.

I don't consider Ritchie a Dud at all
He was the youngest of our QB in Camp this year
He still has tons of up side but needs time to learn .
No he not full time starter but is also no Dud
Also people play for him.

Yes Sir

With the Ti-Cats' offensive line (worst pass blocking group in the league) and receivers (worst in the league, although with a bit of future promise shown by a couple of youngsters), no QB could look good, really.

The difference between Printers and Porter/Williams is $$-- Casey's making 'em, the other two ain't, yet Casey hasn't played one iota better than they have.