2009 EAST Finals in MTL !

With 5 Games left in regular season....

With a win today in T.O......

Hamilton lost in Calgary...even if Ham win all their games and Als lose all their games....

Montreal won the season series 2-0 vs HAM and have secured the top spot !

Als will host the East Finals on Sunday November 22nd.

Avec 5 matches à disputer en saison régulière ....

Avec la victoire a T.O. aujourd'hui.....

Hamilton a perdu à Calgary ... même si HAM gagne tous leurs matchs et ALS perdent tous leurs matchs ....

Montréal mene la serie 2-0 cette saison vs HAM et se sont assuré de terminer premier !

Als seront l'hôte de la finale de l'Est le dimanche Novembre 22.

I’m thrilled the Als clinched it, but I’m also worried that it happened so early. The Als have to worry, not about other teams beating them, but them beating themselves through complaciency.
This year, I can see them staying focused…hopefully.

Not Calvillo's best game by a long shot. He had no answer for Toronto's pressure on second and long -- sacked four times and picked off once. He wasn't executing the zone read properly, particularly on one second and 2 draw play where he saw the end cheat to Cobourne but didn't pull the ball and pass. And he was brutal on corner routes and on any end zone pass that required a bit of touch and less heat. He shouldn't bother with fades to Richardson any more because I don't think he's connected on one of those all season long.

Granted, it was Bourke's first game back, and his rust probably affected the whole unit, but I didn't like what I saw from Calvillo today at all.

Credit to the Toronto D though. This unit is one of the best in league but goes greatly unnoticed because of their horrible offense's inability to move the ball and score some points. I'm amazed at how well the former plays all game given the amount of time that they are on the field.

Agreed. Their front seven is one helluva group. However, we really should have moved the ball more effectively on them, considering they were starting two rookies in the secondary. And there wasn't anything subtle about what they were doing. On second and long, they blitzed, and we couldn't handle it. Calvillo has to do a better job of getting the ball to his hot read on the blitz.

Congratulations you guys, and full marks on it, this is probably the best Als team of the decade.

Zone read, they were going man to man, like the Esk did, it gave their d line the extra 2 seconds needed.

But Calvillo had Bratton open underneath on at least one of those draws. Man to man or not, if he keeps the ball and dumps it off, we have a first down instead of a punt.

That's great to hear, but can you guys fill the joint just like in previous years, except last year when it was in the low 30,000 due to the GC on the next week.
Now with no GC in the city, can you beat the mark of 62,000 a few weeks ago in Edmonton?

Let's just hope no player loses his carreer on that mini-golf carpeting of the Big O...

We wont get 60,000 but I can see 45-50,000

More money than 20 200...

I remember reading that a home game at the Big O is worth around 1 million bucks to the team's revenus.

The guy may be open, but the passing lanes may not be there, making it moot.

Oi. I'm not guessing or speculating, I'm telling you that the receiver was open. It was a blown read. All Anthony had to do was keep the ball and complete a short swing pass to the receiver in the flat. Instead, he left the rock with Cobourne despite the fact that Toronto's entire front-7 was flowing to the RB.

DP's comments remind me of the Ti Cats who on the weekend were facing a Calgary blitz 90% of the time. The Ti Cats lost the game because they did not respond to the defensive blitz- were not running screens or quick short passes. Calvillo was struggling, especially in the first half against the TO blitz. Lets hope there is some coaching preparation for this type of defense should it arise.

And the lanes were fully open for AC to make that read, i see. I am telling you one missed read if it was that, does not explain all the break downs, the break downs most of them was AC making 3 reads and finding nothing and getting swarmed. Man to man with pressure seems to be our weak point, Wpg used it a bit with sucess, Edm and now Argos.

I think your right SW.

Bump & run can throw the timing patterns off, causing the QB to hold onto the ball a little longer than usual or make a bad throw. Of course a defense can also get burned that way too if the pressure doesn't get there in time.

Yes, they were, at least on a few plays.

I am telling you one missed read if it was that, does not explain all the break downs, the break downs most of them was AC making 3 reads and finding nothing and getting swarmed.
He still needed to get rid of the football quicker. If nothing's there, chuck it away and avoid the sack.
Man to man with pressure seems to be our weak point, Wpg used it a bit with sucess, Edm and now Argos.
Agreed. I sincerely hope Trestman & Milanovich use the last portion of the season to make adjustments so we don't wind up stymied during the playoffs.

That's where they skrew themselves. If Macpherson had even a small play action package, you could insert him on certain occasions during the game and it would totaly skrew the opponent's defenses. cause if your going to prepare your defense to drop af bunch of guys in the flats in zone coverage (prefered method to defend against the Calvillo) you bring in an athletic QB that can hurt you with his legs or cut you deep with an arm and it becomes very, very difficult for teams to defend and you could use that to change gears and put a defense to the test or tire it out for a few series. kind of like you bring in a relief pitcher in baseball.

I see a Ti-Cat/Montreal East final this season. I think they win easily against B.C. But if Edmonton crosses over, who knows with Ricky Ray. One thing for sure, it will be very interesting, once again.