2009 draft

It now appears that years Canadian draft is not as weak as was earlier projected. Maybe after Jamal Lee there is no real "star" but a lot of solid talent. If we can take the top 15 that the CFL scouting bureau listed and NCAA players such as Martin Bedard, Zac Carleson, Eric Fraser, Ryan Hinds, Tristan Black, Chris Parris, Caleb Clarke, Tang Bacheyie and Matt Lambros we're looking at three rounds. That leaves some pretty good players available like Jonathan Pierre-Etienne, Dee Sterling, Matt Morris, Dan Bederman and Stan Van Sichem to throw in the mix. The first four rounds should produce players with the potential to eventually play in the CFL. Not bad for a "weak" draft IMO.

The Argos have made a habit of finding useful players in all six rounds. I would think that has to be a tribute to Miles Gorrell who makes the rounds to most of the campuses throughout the year. I'm sure his orders were to find another "Miles Gorrell" but while he has been looking he's finding some other guys who can play.

DoubleBlue: Speaking about the Argos making a habit of finding useful players in all six rounds, they signed one of them from last years draft in DB Matt Black. He always seems to be around the ball, could find a starting job in the secondary sooner or later.

You know the best fit for Lee might well be Toronto, they've drafted another good NI running back out of Harvard, with two young backs NI backs and some strong coaching this could be a good situation for Toronto. Edmonton is the other team that could go with two NI backs Lumsden/Lee in their case its even more compeling given Lumsden's experience and his health history.

Well Adam Rita just lived up to his reputation of trading away his high draft picks. I just don't get it. The Argos will probably say they are looking at the big picture and had to over pay to fill a need. But two high draft picks for a back up/special teamer....?
This is why Wally Bouno's teams are always at or near the top, he smarter than your average GM and a good horse trader.
I hope Adam can't blame this deal on Pinball. :x
Wally will have a hard time keeping a straight face when he is interviewed about this deal. :slight_smile:

Hi DoubleBlue

I was looking forward to the Argos having 2 early picks as well this year. I am thinking that perhaps there is no real quality lb in this years draft? Maybe the Argos soured on Tristian Blacks 5.03 in the 40. In Pottinger, I can only assume the Argos feel he is ready for some playing time on defense after proving himself to be a good special teams player. He is only 25 & maybe ready to blossom.

One high draft pick.

I don't think Rita is far off base in saying that they were unlikely to expect that the player drafted at #4 would be better than this. They still have #2, they still have #10.

Keith Shologan. J.P. Bekasiak. Ricky Foley. Chris Best. Mark Moroz. Emmanuel Casseus.

Those are the last six players taken at #4 overall. Shologan is still too early. Foley is a situational pass rusher and backup. Best is a career backup with no ST upside and no sense of breaking into the starting lineup. The other three are basically considered busts. High draft picks are just no assurance of stardom in the CFL draft most years.

I don't believe past drafts have anything to do with this year's 4th pick. Probably poor scouting if anything as there has been quite a few players drafted later playing in the league.
Shologan and Foley would be just as good or better than Pottinger in their own positions IMO. Moroz was a bust for sure, but Casseus had to retire from an injury.
Getting two of the top four picks doesn't come along very often, especially for the Argos as they're always trading their top picks it seems. It was a chance to get a couple of linemen that could start for them 2 or 3 years down the road.
J.N. Carriere did alright IMO last year as a back up LB and ST's. Pottinger is in his option year, could have signed him for free next year. I like him, but not for two high Canadian draft picks. He was backing up another Canadian Javier Glatt in B.C. and if he is as good as Adam thinks he is he should have been the starter.
I think Wally has decided neither Glatt or Pottinger were good enough and that's why he brought in Anton Mckenzie and went hard after Maurice Lloyd as well. B.C. has had a great DL to play behind the last few years, but Wake and Williams have gone and Johnson is in his 33rd year. Wally obviously didn't feel his two Canadian MLB's were good enough now with some holes to fill on the DL. With McKenzie taking over at MLB Glatt will be his back up and left Pottinger expendable and an unneeded part.
You have to hand it to Wally Buono. I like Wally a lot, but I would be afraid to shake hands with him, I wouldn't want to lose any fingers. :smiley: