2009 Draft Picks

OL Mike Morris from UBC
OL Adam Bestard from Wilfred Laurier
RB Peter Quinney from Wilfred Laurier
LB Thane Carter from Queens

Wonder which will get invited to camp this year ? All four went back to school last year which I believe was their last.

I hope we sign the two OL guys, Bestard would make a guard opposite Labatte.

Carter looked good as well, but has since had a real injury problem.

....Morris was a good signing.....how well he'll do in 2010 is another matter...i think Bestard and Morris will likely be invited back to camp :wink:

Not sure. All four are listed as FAs at CFL.ca IIRC so who knows where they'll be.

There is a gentlemen's agreement that you don't sign draft picks who were released to go back to school to finish off their eligibility. You can also put them on your neg list but once they are off, they are free to go elsewhere, or some such thing.

Aah, I see. In that case, I hope they are invited to TC.