2009 CFL Rookie of the Year/All-Rookie Team

Who do you think will be the rookie of the year in the CFL for this season? Who will be the standouts?

On that note... is there an all-rookie team? They should be recognized every year.

Its still early in the season to be giving out season awards. I don't think there is an all rookie team, but one rookie I'd just like to mention right now is BC Receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux. He scored 3 touchdowns in the first 3 games of the season, and if you include the 2 preseason games, he scored 5 touchdowns in 5 straight games.

OK well I found these via search

http://www.cfl.ca/article/week-2-cfl-ca-rookie-report http://www.cfl.ca/article/week-3-cfl-ca-rookie-report

That's good. I think there should be an archive or link connecting one week to the next and a player subsection devoted to those in their first or second year.

The new CFL.ca is much improved.

Deandra Cobb(RB) and Justin Hickman (DE) are my votes to the rookie team.

Montreal's MLB Shea Emry has looked pretty good. Mallett for BC has looked not bad so far. I don't think Stevie Baggs is considered a rookie still even though it's his first chance starting.

Those 2 new DBs in Toronto, Shivers and Shell, look pretty darn good to me.......

Perhaps the most underrated rookie this year so far has been Marquay McDaniel on the Ticats. The guy's been great on kick/punt returns and catching the ball for the Cats. Like him a lot, but never really talked about.

I also like Emry and Mallett (I think he's a rookie?).

how about Hugh Charles in riderville.

If Arkee Whitlock continues to improve each game like he has it won't be close. Then again he did have a lot of room for improvement.

With Jesse Lumsden who has been seen on the sidelines, pep talk is a given. Thus yea, A. Whitlock is an important player in the revolving door of rookies TO SHINE ON. The Eskies need the RUNNING GAME. :smiley:

The problem with Hugh Charles is that since Wes Cates returned from injury, he hasn't seen the field of play. He'll need more than just the good performances in the two games he's played so far to be realistically considered for Rookie of the Year.

Greg Peach would be my best rookie on the Esks pick so far this season.

I defenitely agree with you that martell mallett would be a great contendor for rookie of the year. I think if given the ball more he could be a great access to the team.

Week #4: CFL.ca Rookie Report

I know it is bad to quote yourself but after tonight it bears repeating. Hall deserves a lot of credit for not giving up on the kid when everyone else(myself included) did.

Is it to early to start the Hall for coach of the year thread?

I think it is. Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. Two weeks ago most thought that we were the trash of the league and most power rankings had us ranked eigth, and look how quickly things have changed. A few wins against Calgary in the next month(we play them 3 times) or a few more wins in a row and then we can start discussing Hall for COY.

cobb,mcdaniel, whitlock, im not sure if renaud the bombers punter is considered a rookie or not. but he is kicking well and making big plays on special teams! not the strongest leg but looked great getting downfield to make those tackles and has aimed the majority of his kicks well.. especially since the bombers are punting ten times a game :frowning:

The two special teams tackles that Mike Renaud has made is all he's done this season. I don't think in any one game this season he has punted for an average greater than 40 yards. If he is considered a rookie, he's been outplayed by BC rookie kicker Sean Whyte. Whyte is punting well over 40 yards avg per game, and he's able to directionally kick really well to give the BC special teams a good chance to contain the returner.

Baggs has been in the league for at least 3 seasons, so he is not considered a rookie.

I agree. Gotta wonder what company could sponsor the award?