2009 CFL Playoff Sched

I can understand TSN trying to get better ratings by having the playoffs on Saturdays this season, but what becomes of the CIS Football playoffs? As a huge CIS Football supporter, I always enjoyed watching CIS playoffs on Saturday, then catching the CFL playoffs on Sunday. Even this years Vanier Cup will be held in Hamilton the day before the Grey Cup..I would have thought it could have been played in Montreal on Grey Cup weekend were thousands of Canadian Football fans will already be gathered.

The CFL playoffs only conflict with the CIS playoffs on one day, November 8.

That is one day too many.

I think this was a rude move by the CFL. If they wanted to change it, do so with the making of the schedule, not half way through. I also like going to and watching CIS football.And on Sundays, I like to watch CFL football, and NFL football during the ads. Now lots of people will have to choose between saturday and sunday to watch football. It is way easier to give up one day of your weekend to doing crap on the house, going to the park, whatever, and then having sunday to watch football (both CFL and NFL). Instead I am going to watch CFL on Saturday, and probably have to miss a lot of Sunday. I will choose CFL, but I bet some people will choose NFL. I just think its dumb.

sorry to burst your bubble, but it was made at the beginning of the year.

The schedule I have printed says Sunday Games.

Look, if people want more TV money for the CFL with the next contract, then you have to appease to what TSN wants or else, no go. TV rules the sports world, they even tell the NFL when they want the games and what games. What makes the CFL any different here?

If TV wanted the Super Bowl on a Wednesday morning at 7:00 am, that's exactly when it would be played.

Hey Chief, there are no dates on the CIS Official Site for the playoffs, could you be able to tell me where I could view the CIS playoff sched?? I hope they don't go head to head with the NFL on Sundays after Nov 8.

Thanks very much!!! :slight_smile:

Here's the link. The dates match up wth the information the Wetern Mustangs have on their site.

[url=http://cis.infinityprosports.com/2004/index.php?page=schedule&season_id=2008&sport_name=football&playoffs=1]http://cis.infinityprosports.com/2004/i ... playoffs=1[/url]