2009 CFL draft

Nice to see the Lions use a couple of their top picks on talented BC boys in Jamal Lee and Matt Carter.

Now we have two running backs we are waiting on NFL tryouts in Logan and Lee.

Carter will have a real opportunity here with the departure of Clermont and the team relatively thin at Canadian receiver behind Paris Jackson and O'Neil Wilson.

Yurichuk seems like a promising replacement for Pottinger. Matt Morencie was a surprise to be available as late as he was and gives the Lions another prospect on the offensive line. They are suddenly loaded with Valli, Hameister-Ries and Sorensen already in the fold.

A lot of promise and enthusiam on draft day but this quote from player agent Darren Gill puts it into better perspective:

Between 2002 and '07, Gill says 310 players have been drafted by CFL teams. Just 33 have become starters (10.6 per cent), another 83 have become backups (26.8 per cent) and 10 are in the NFL (3.2 per cent). But 80 are no longer in the CFL (25.8 per cent) while a whopping 104 never played a down in the league (33.5 per cent). Combined, that accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the total players selected.