2009 CFL Attendance

          		2009	  2008	
BC          	28,610	34,083	-16.1%
Calgary     	36,502	32,523	 12.2%
Edmonton    	37,164	37,383	 -0.6%
Hamilton    	22,532	20,785	  8.4%
Montreal    	20,202	20,202	  0.0%
Saskatchewan	30,606	29,996	  2.0%
Toronto     	26,374	29,189	 -9.6%
Winnipeg    	25,720	27,151	 -5.3%
Overall     	28,464	28,914	 -1.6%

Excellent attendance considering the economy. Good to see fans returning to IWS.

But what's going on in BC? Some on field troubles on the left coast, but nothing like the gong-shows in WPG and TO. I would guess it is due to the Olympics, there's only so many tickets you can buy in a year.

Love the Calgary gain there!! :smiley:

Also good to see about the Ti-Cats fans coming back. I'm betting a new stadium is in the works, now that the area is getting the Pan Am games. That will help a lot, I'm sure.

BC had a rough start to the season that I think impacted on attendance for the rest of season.

I was impressed to see a pretty decent sized crowd (announced at 28K) in Toronto last weekend, despite the meaningless game and the lousy year(s) they've had to endure. They were fairly vocal in the 1st half too.

I was at the Argos/Al's game on Saturday. I don't care what their record was. I'm a die hard Argos fan until the end. We started drinking on the subway ride there. We were roudy....until the 3rd quarter when things REALLY got out of hand. I'll be just as roudy when I go to the Grey Cup in Calgary in a few weeks. My Argos might not be in it, but damnit, I'm gonna party just as hard as I did at the 2004 Grey Cup.

Double Blue Forever.

Atta boy Birdman. The CFL, and in particular Toronto, needs more fans like you!!

I hope the ownership situation gets sorted out early this off season, so the team can start making some positive steps towards giving fans like you a better team.

As a diehard Rider fan, hang in there...things can and will get better. Might take a while, but man does it feel good once it starts happening!

Another Argo fan here...

These average numbers just show how much stronger the league has been over the last 5-6 years or so than for over two decades prior (since the early 1980s). Whatever declines took place in Toronto or Winnipeg or BC were counterbalanced by a great increases in both Calgary and Hamilton. The latter especially shows that the fans are there, since that city is always slammed in a recession.

It's still not entirely there yet, especially in Southern Ontario, but you really get a sense over the past few years that although it'll never draw NFL numbers - Canadians (and Canadian corporations) have really latched onto the CFL as something relevant. Not to mention that the young fans are back in droves in all markets - the TV ratings alone prove that. The league isn't a punchline in the country anymore - and let's keep it that way!

Speaking of attendance and for next year, BC will be playing all of their games at the temporary Empire Stadium as the dome will be under construction for the roof configuration.
Has anyone out in the left coast heard what type of seating numbers will be available in the bleacher like set up?

My bet for the lower BC attendance is that people had to save for over price Olympic tickets

I haven't heard - but something like 25k would probably be close to realistic capacity, and would help to drum up excitement as the tickets would be scarce.

Hey this may be like the McGill stadium -U2 accident in Montreal which became a great success.

Maybe a smaller new stadium in Hamilton is the way to go. If there are only 20-22k at the games, add 10k to the plans and build a 25k stadium.

I am hearing in the 30,000 - 32,000 range. Likely at the Empire Stadium site (PNE) but not confirmed. They're working with the cify right now and the funds are coming from the $465 million roof upgrade. While "Tempire" is the preferred site for a temporary venue, they are looking at others, including Little Mountain, site of Nat Bailey Stadium (not playing there of course, but building something around those lands). There are some that would like to build a semi-permanent stadium, instead of something that's going to be torn down after a year.

As for the precipitous drop in attendance, while an 16% drop is alarming, there were a number of factors at play this year. Call them excuses if you like but here they are:

  • the 1-4 start including 2 blowout losses (3 in total but the last one came in Week 18), as well as the loss of many of the recognizable "faces" of the Lions: Clermont, Murphy, Wake, Floyd, Williams etc.
  • an unusually sunny, hot, and l-o-n-g summer was not condusive to getting people off the beaches and into a hot, stuffy, dome.
  • screwed by the schedule makers. Only 2 Saturday games (to draw fans from the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island). One game was against the Argos, the other against Calgary....on Halloween night! Yea, lots of kids there that night. :roll:
  • Marketing department needs to step up its game. Same quirky TV ads from the (yawn) Rethink agency, same bland newspaper ads the week of the game. Same old, same old in a crowded market won't cut it.

Anyone have the stats for other years how a team that won the GC did the following year or if the city hosting the GC for the year how much it rises?

What recession? This just goes to show how strong this league really is. Only a 1.6% drop in attendance?

I think we can safely say that the CFL is the only major professional league in North America which can boast those numbers!

I like the fact Toronto is still drawing 26 thousand. Hopefully they get it turned around.

Had it not been for the moronic Thursday night games foisted on Edmonton in their first 4 home games, total attendance would likely be up, as attendance on Thursday was down about 5,000/game compared to similar dates in years without the Thursday night game.

The idea of saddleing your largest draw with the albatross of playing these unpopular dates is idiotic.

Correct me if I am wrong but didn't you guys also have multiple home games on thursday nights last year as well?

^ Agreed. Hopefully the CFL wises up. I can understand maybe a couple, but four is just stupid. Spread those dates around and stop making excuses. We all know the only reason Edmonton gets those dates is because they lead the league in attendance pretty much every year. It has nothing to do with the season ticket holders' wishes to go to the lake on the weekends.

I'd like to see only 1 Thursday game per team.

1 Thursday game a week until Labour Day then shift more to weekends in the fall.

I agree. 1 game Thursday, Friday night doubleheader, 1 game Saturday until Labor Day, then (except for Labor day and Thanksgiving) 1 game Friday Night, 1 game Saturday afternoon/early evening and doubleheader on Sundays. As stated elsewhere in this forum, the CFL kicks the NFL all over the place when it goes head to head on Sundays.

Sadly, this us exactly why TSN (which is owned by CTV) schedules 2 CFL games on Saturday once the NFL season starts. Its clear to me that they're trying to keep Sundays free of CFL games to maximize NFL viewership on CTV.

Its shameful that the CFL is held back like this by the network We all remember last years Saturday playoff games. What a fiasco. At leat they wised up on that one.