2009 Attendance

I was at the Eskimo game soaking wet in the rain and stayed right till the end, I was dissappointed only 30,000 come E-town we're better then this we usually average around 35 to 37 thousand per game. That has got to be the smallest crowd in the last 10 years and thumbs down to everyone who left early because of some rain big deal.

i was suprised by the low turnout in edmonton as well... especially with all the hype orriginally abouy jessie lumsdun and mike kelly coaching the bombers. i am really hopeing edmoton starts getting 40,000 plus again. are people waiting to see since the last 3 seasons were not typical to a good edmoton season?

If you were to compare the 119,573 attendance in week 1 against the weeks in 2008 with 3-games in the west:

2008 - Wk 4: 125612
2008 - Wk 12: 135521
2008 - Wk 17: 125659
2009 - Wk 1: 119573

So not a great start to the season. Not great weather and some mid-week games. Sask's sellout streak falls 900 short, which is disappointing, because we could have beaten Edmonton's attendance -- an opportunity that doesn't occur very often, and was a really disappointing crowd for both teams.

P.S. CFL.ca admin -- give us back the attendance numbers.

Well, Edmonton's walk-up was probably zilch with the weather.

And as someone pointed out, poor Hamilton is actually worse this year than last - they need something good to happen there fast.

As for SK, I too wished it had sold out, but we still had a bigger crowd than game 1 last year.

Sportsnet.ca has CFL attendance figures in their box scores -- cfl.ca doesn't -- how ridiculously lame is that? Who's running this gong show website on cfl.ca?

For those interested:
Montreal - 20,202 ( sellout )
Winnipeg - 29,533 ( sellout )
BC - 26,885
Toronto - 30,055 ?!?

Sask played in front of the largest crowd of the week this week, something they didn't manage to do in Ontario last year. The east is showing up the west and trying to make me eat crow with two sellouts and a decent crowd in Toronto. Weekly total was 106,675. Week 1 was 119,573.

2009: 421238
2008: 425784
2007: 425222
2006: 395418

It would be nice if MTL. could find room for 5000 more fans. Selling out molson stadium isn't a big deal. Hopefully the renos get done and more seats can be added.

the schedule section USED to post the attendance after each game, and they are not doin that this year....i wonder why?

If you go to each individual team’s sight you will find attendance under schedule. Hope this healps.

Same thing for me I wonder why they omitted this section?

Well the Riders have not given out free coupons for the preseason for a few years now, so yup it would make up a significant part of the gate for them.

thats awesome that winnipeg sold out. how are the numbers looking this week comapred to week three last year?

Week 3 -- A relatively good week, as expected with three games out west, but could have been better in Alberta. Hamilton got a crowd on par with last year's Labour Day. Give them a competative team and their crowd swells 25%. The Week 3 games shared the exact same 4 stadiums as the week 1 games, and offered 2500 more fans this time around.

Biggest week of the year so far -- 122,007 -- It would have ranked 4th last year.
Wk 1: 119573
Wk 2: 106675
Wk 3: 122007

YTD totals:
2009 -- 543245
2008 -- 525302
2007 -- 532582
2006 -- 477849 ( 19 games )

The only data I have with the same stadium combination ( Edm, Cal, Ssk, Ham ) are:

2009 Wk 3: 122007
2009 Wk 1: 119573
2006 Wk 18: 123363

Using yearly Averages, those stadiums should expect:
2008: 119556
2007: 118118
2006: 117823
2005: 124876

So you could say it was a good week.

Attendance for week 4 was 106,804 -- The last time there was a BC, Sask, Winnipeg, Montreal week was week 17 of 2007 ( 134,276 ) -- but that was a Big O weekend. Going off last year's averages, that combination should expect 116,210. A dissapointing showing out of BC again. Another sold-out crowd in Regina, and also the largest crowd of the weekend.

YTD numbers:
2009: 650049 ( 24 games )
2008: 650914
2007: 656735
2006: 583332 ( 23 games )

Week 5:

Alberta: 68856
Ontario: 43924

Not a great crowd for the long weekend. Dissapointing numbers after a strong start in Ontario.

I don't know if Toronto's attendance was down because this was the game where there was no alcohol allowed because of the fine the Rogers Centre(received)? or because the weather was finally beautiful out east and people didn't want to spend one of the only good summer days at a football game. We in Hamilton already knew by Wednesday that this would be our lowest draw. The Hamilton Spectator said 18000 and I was pleasantly surprised when at the game we got over 20300?. Our crowds will increase after this week, as we are improving and thats what Hamiltonions want, is to see progress. I'm sure Toronto's attendance will increase as they start to win and find their personality with all their new players and coaches.

Total of 112,780 for the week. The last time those 4 cities had games was Week 16 of 2007, and they drew 118,143. Using last year’s park averages, we should expect 117,995. So overall, not a good long weekend. Sober night in Toronto was not a big hit.

YTD totals by thru week 5:
2009 - 762829 ( 28 games )
2008 - 758130
2007 - 772769
2006 - 780910 ( 30 games )

B.C. is always the team that draws the smallest crowds here in Hamilton, it seems. Just David Braley and a bunch of his friends. :lol:

I'm sure being the start of the long weekend hurt the attendance some, and the fact that all week long they called for rain all day Friday didn't help.

But the real reason for the small crowd on Friday was that a lot of people are still not convinced. We've been told before that things would get better, and bought tickets only to see them get worse. With the economy the way it is, some people would rather save their money or buy food with it than spend it on tickets to watch a team that not only can't win, but can't compete.

Now they're winning. The last two games at Ivor Wynne were victories. Time for these people to step back up to the plate and get back into the stadium. Get your tickets now, before the bandwagon starts rolling and tickets become hard to get.

We've got another home game this weekend; that'll hurt. Against another western team; that'll hurt. But it's the last home game until Labour Day, that'll help. And the team is doing well, that'll help. I'm hoping for attendance in the 23,000 range, as fans slowly start to find their way back to Balsam Avenue.

My brother and I will be at this weekend's game, BigDave. We'll be somewhere in the red section. I'll be wearing my green Eskimos t-shirt and my yellow Eskimos hat. I'm hoping for a good game, and a good crowd! :smiley:

I'd be there in a heartbeat if it wasn't so far away. I love that place.