2009 Attendance

It must have been a long, exciting offseason, because Preseason week 1 was a good one, with 106,239 fans through the gates ( on a Wed night ). We might not see an opening week like this for a while, if they're going to move the games out to the maritimes.

2009: 106,239
2008: 91,813
2007: 96,431
2006: 97,310

The west looks to continue to outgrow the east in attendance. With the Cup coming out west this year, and the league growing steadily, it looks to be a very good year ( as long as you're not a CFL fan from Ontario ).

2005: 51.98% for west ( with 5 teams in the east )
2006: 52.78% for west
2007: 54.33% for west
2008: 55.93% for west
2009: 56.72% for west

Preseason Week 2 was not as good a turnout, with weak crowds in Hamilton and BC. It also saw the end of the sellout streak at Mosaic -- although they did put 29,107 fans into a stadium with 28,800 standard capacity.

Pre-Season Week 2
2009: 88751
2008: 110725
2007: 100805
2006: 80775

Total preseason Attendance
2009: 194990 -- West 112580 -- East 82,410
2008: 202538 -- West 116130 -- East 86,408
2007: 197236 -- West 111647 -- East 85,589
2006: 178085 -- West 83443 -- East 94,642

57.74% of all gate attendance has come from the western division. Optimism is at record lows in the Eastern Division. Hopefully a better showing this season will turn those numbers around. The Riders played in front of 63,900 pre-season fans, almost twice as many as the Argos, who only entertained 34,466.

We had a weak croud? For BC, 23k ain’t weak! I haven’t been to a preseason game with a croud that big since I first started going to games.

"Weak" is probably a subjective term but he isn't making up the numbers. Last year's exhibition game at BC Place was 26,242: http://www.cfl.ca/schedule/year/2008/time_zone/0. Year before that, it was 25,320: http://www.cfl.ca/schedule/year/2007/time_zone/0.

Preseason @ BC:

2005: 23753
2006: 23154
2007: 25320
2008: 26242
2009: 23217

Dude – it was a weak crowd. Down 15% from last year and the worst pre-season crowd west of Thunder Bay. BC averaged over 33k last year. Keep up the performance like that and we’ll have to kick you into the Eastern Division and take Winnipeg back into the west.

Weak crowds in Hamilton??? That's impossible. I thought they have the best fans in the CFL.

The 16,225 people that showed up, after what the management and players have put them through over the past 10 years, are truly the biggest die-hard fans of the modern era. I applaud each and every one of them.

Now if only there were 10,000 more like them.

... it's only pre-season ...

As for BC, their home pre-season game from either last year or the year before would have been against Saskatchewan, which would have helped the attendance.

The fact we're getting 23,000+ in pre season that many years in a row is really commendable. I was worried they'd be back into the 7-12,000 range of the early 00's and late 90's.

I can't believe we're dissecting preseason attendance to the nth degree. The games mean nothing in the standings and not a whole lot more at the gate. Between all the freebies and no-shows, who really knows what the actual gross is for each club anyway?

Sorry, but 23K for a preseason game on a sunny June evening is about as much as you can expect in Vancouver until the roof opens in 2011.

Great crowd in Edmonton last night. looked like a sellout. But why does everyone get their matching red costumes? I thought their colors were green and gold.

Funny. But the real red costume team didn't laugh much Thursday night. Unlike the Eskimos who won.

What was the attendance for the games in Calgary, Edmonton and Hamilton?

30,650 in Edmonton.
35,650 in Calgary
23,211 in Hamilton.

Disappointing in Edmonton and Hamilton.

23k might look real good in Hamilton if they don't improve before the next home game....

Sure seemed like more than 30,650 at Commonwealth last night, but it was so hard to tell with the rain driving people into the concourses or into leaving early. I didn't think it was going to rain so hard, didn't bring any sort of jacket/poncho/umbrella/blanket to ward off the rain, so I ended up wandering home close to the end of the 3rd and caught the rest at home on TV.

Good on Calgary, selling out the home opener. A bit disappointing in Edmonton but that will pick up especially against the Western teams. That's actually not bad for Hamilton after what they've gone through, if the team is competitive it will go up.

Against a non-rival, no less. Our crowds for games against Eastern teams tend to be slightly less than those against Western teams. It's not a stretch at all that Calgary will probably sell out at least 4, if not 5, games this season (2 home games against each of Saskatchewan and Edmonton).

Calgary has claimed 30,000 season tickets this year, making their 25,000 pre-season game pretty pathetic support. I wouldn't be surprised if they sold out all of their divisional games.

Crowds are getting understandably lower in Hamilton, what with the VERY low quality product on the field.

I hope so, the announced attendance at tonight's game was 30,062, slightly short of a sellout. I'm pretty disappointed, I'm hopeful the Riders sell out the rest of the home games though. I'd like to see attendance league wide go up again this year, Calgary selling out their games makes this a much more realistic goal.