2008 Wish List

I know, the Grey Cup game hasn't even been played yet, but what do we need to fix the team for next year? Back in 2005, I had though about upgrading at linemen. Can't remember my "wishlist" for last year, but I thought the upgrades during last season were great. Where do we need help for 2008?

Not wanting to sound arrogant or cocky, but not one position leaps up at me right now. Maybe a kicker as McCallum ages, but I didn't have any negative issues about him this year.

What position needs an upgrade?

Post your thoughts!


I'm worried too about McCallum's age and how long he'll be playing. I hope we don't enter a Kellett/Head/OMahony era.

I think the secondary is not as strong as the Lockdown U hype.

And on the personnel side, I'm worried if Obie leaves the scouting will suffer. Much of the recent success has been finding guys like Wake or Pierce before other teams.

BC has a lot of talent....and finding guys....amazing. Your 3rd string QB got you to the Western Final. IMO that in itself is awesome.

But the pressure of the big game seemed to intimidate him. Not impressive numbers.

But do you think had Buono kept him in a little longer he would have performed better?
Please don't take this as a dig or anything, but I think what should be on the 2008 wishlist is maybe a little more discipline from some of your players. And yes, that could very well be a wish for the Riders as well.

Hey Green71 no dig at all. Discipline, including the Jimenez hit, which he'll sit out game(s) next year for are all important.

About Jackson, the Dave Dickenson haters wanted Buono to keep him in longer. I would have put Dickenson in after the first two turnovers in the second quarter. Its always easy to second guess the coach.

To be honest, the way Saskatchewan played, it wouldn't have mattered who was in at QB. BC just didn't have the intesity yesterday to pull it off.

I'd like to see them incorporate Smartie a bit more in a 2 back set, just enough to keep em guessing. Our screens seemed to be a little predictable.

Is Bret Anderson still gonna do the old retire, comeback loop? Cuz, I don't think McCallum is up to all duties.

Like to see DD in the McManus "3rd string" role, basically a player/coach. Have a feeling he still wants to prove himself somehow.

What happened to #39 out there yesterday? Who was this #41 guy. He seemed okay for a bit, but there was some noticeable confusion out there.

I'd also like to see Jimenez's press conference. Boo.

I would like to see Buck as our starting QB. JJ has the arm and legs, DD got the intelligence but I honestly think Buck is more the total package. Unfortunate for his injury but would have been nice to see him in the game.

Hmm… my wishlist… well I think we need to beef up our secondary. Seems to me that when it comes to the crunch they give up too many yards. There were too many Sask receivers finding open space. Personally I don’t think Banks lived up to his reputation this year. During the season some losses due to field goals were directly related to the defensive backs allowing the opposition to make some big plays. Sooo … guess that is my beef. Oh yeah on the QB situation…IMO DD should take a back seat… retire before he has to due to another hit. We should go with Buck as #1. I think DD was getting frustrated out there and it showed… he was the one that needed to calm down.

O-line depth. No way should removing one or two linemen open up the flood-gates like it did against Calgary at the end of the season and against SK this game. You expect a drop-off, but not at that rate.

Now with Dickenson gone, we have $400,000 to play with. Good post BigU, and extra O-Lineman can never hurt.

I agree with this, the guy they had in the western final was handing out free passes to the QB lol.

We have more O-linemen then we had dressed for the WDF . The fact is the back-up got hurt after Rasouli got hurt and the next guy in line , Plante , was about as green as you can get. Barely out of the juniors . How many teams dress more o-linemen than we had in that game?
We do now have Jon Hameister-Ries on the roster , who they are high on . With Valli pretty close to being ready to be a starter and Ries being projected as such also , I don't see that we are that thin at O-line .It was circumstances that got us in the WDF , you can't foresee what is going to happen . Plante was the weakness in that game but give him more development time he may yet prove to be good too .The guy is very young still . Perhaps they should have dressed Farrow instead of Plante and did some juggling else where as plante was not game ready .For such a big game , they should only have dressed guys who were game ready.
Amariah Farrow I was less impressed with in the last regular season game . The guy's an import you expect more form an o-lineman if your going to import one. But that was at the tackle spot , he may have been much better at guard , he certainly couldn't been as bad as Plante .

You might have gotten your wish. Can Pikula push (or replace) McCallum?

how bout some lions logos in the endzones this year :slight_smile:

No thanks, I like the plain green turf!!