2008 Ticats - October

This is a POSITIVE comment thread! :rockin:
Well, our record of 2-11 is just that , 2-11 BUT in 2008 I've witnessed some real positive things this year.
#1 is we are more competitive, while our record is 2-11 we've definatly been there for at least 7 (count 'em) 7 games that I must say were heart breakers BUT show promise and positive things to come.

While we have only 2 home games left and a few on the road I'm excited.
Sure we still need to address things but we are better, and so is all the other teams which is why sports is great.....progress is positive for us and the CFL.

I just wanted to send thanks to the Ticats org (not being sarcastic either)......good job in rebuilding this year and here's to continuing to improve and hopefully be able to close out 2009 with more wins.

While some fans are still struggling to understand some of the decisions, most of them are just frustrated and too many are to negative to see the improvement.........but lets not discuss them! :roll:

Let see some other perspectives and takes on '08 positives for some of you.


I somewhat agree....we have a young nucleus. We must keep them together.. I'm talking about our young receivers and db's.



These guys are a solid foundation.

Bradley is good too, and he's only 28. And then there's Keith/Jesse/Caulley too in the crowded backfield.

The o-line on the other hand............

Good Post! :thup:

Now lets get out to the game this afternoon and try and cheer on a win! :thup:

Ticat Fans don't give up! Neither does the team! :rockin:

Good post, Catattack1. I agree.

Hear! Hear!

Keep the faith.

Unfortunately, I live too far away to make the game or I would love to be there. I hope to see a good attendance with lots of energy today because the team needs to know we appreciate their efforts.
Get loud and atay proud!
Go Cats!

Geez, almost like this thread yesterday was a timly one…and look at the well defined performace out there.

Go Cats!