2008 Season Tickets

Im sure the buiness dept. would like this poll but anyways I'm just curious.

now I don't know going downgrade my seat .
I was think of going to Section 8 or 9
But this signing may keep me where I am in Box J


I usually get to about 5-6 games. Will seriously consider season tix for next year.

I voted "renew my seasons tickets" which by the way has nothing to do with Casey Printers (though I hope to thouroughly enjoy watching him play) but everything to do with the fact I love Ti-Cat football and am a fan for life.

I'm buyng... 2 sets, the wife wants to sit beside me

:twisted: :lol: :lol: 8)

interesting the timing of this poll…almost makes ya wonder if mr. whoknows has some ‘business dept’ involvement…