2008 Season & Playoff Tickets on sale today

Cats Guarantee They'll Be In '08 Playoffs

The Hamilton Spectator
(Dec 11, 2007)

The Tiger-Cats in the 2008 playoffs? It's guaranteed.

The 2008 Cat season ticket launch is today.[Dec. 11 2007]

if we buy our 2008 season tickets
and pay upfront for a playoff ticket

and the Ticats fail to make
the playoffs next November

our 2009 season tickets will be
reduced in price by 25 per cent

Other good news

Two-thirds of ticket prices will remain
at the 2007 ticket price or be lower.

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Good stuff Ticats!

Wow Talk about hitting People when there down.
550.00 To Sit in Box J up from 503.
up 47.00 Ouch but I Think I can Manage it
I Feel bad for those who sit now $700.00 Area That was $603.20 Last Season up a huge $97.00

I like the possibility of a 25% reduction on 2009 tix prices tied to a 2008 playoff promise. It shows the team's belief in itself--always a good sign.

An Argo-Cat fan

wondering about the fine print......if they do not make the playoffs do we get the money back paid for the playoff ticket??? What if the make the playoffs by coming in 3rd and do not have a home playoff game??? They made the gaurantee but do we get the plaoff money back???

Nonetheless, great offer!!!! Will buy my playoff ticket upfront as I would be going if in and another $30 - $40.......really is the original cut of my seats from last year so no further ahead in the game and 25% less if they do not make it -- better chances then the lottery and really a win-win situation

WELL DONE BOB and staff

Sounds like a Good Deal to me!

Sounds to me like it's a Win-Win for EVERY seating area...even the premium seats...but especially for the end zone!

Oh I forgot if pay all now You'll get a Discount.
Just to clear up a little of the confusion...

The Early Bird discount is good through Feb 9th. Ticket accounts paid in full by Feb. 9th will be reflected with a discount. In the case of Box J, if you pay in full by Feb. 9th, your price actually decreases from last year to $495.00.

Dates to remember:
Feb. 9th - All accounts paid in full will be reflected with the Early Bird Discount

March 8th - At least $100 deposit due per seat, per account

April 12th - All accounts must be paid in full by this date to keep your seat.

If anyone has any other questions about 2008 tickets, please contact Kevin or myself.

Your ticket prices on the 3D screen dont show the drop in price in the end zone from 170 to 125 . Have the rest of the prices on the screen been changed ??

All ticket information will be updated on the site early this afternoon.

Ty KW .

Who can afford that Only the Richest people in a Poor city.

This slap in the face to all Loyal Paying Fans.

What are you talking about? Your best seats cant be your most affordable. Obvously, people with more money are going to afford them. Thats why there is like 10 other sections.

i sure hope the schedule is out b4 the early bird deadline.

$ 125 for a whole season is an incredible price what the hell are you talking about ??

This is a great offer, some people like to complain about everything. If you can afford a Ford Focus dont try to buy a Ferrari. Thanks to the Ticat staff for a very generous, and reasonable season ticket package.

Looks good guys.

Nice work TC staffers. :thup: :thup:

Ticat fans almost universally agree that the proximity of the field to the boxes makes for an almost unique professional football fan experience. I see no problem with the Cats asking a premium price for some of the best seats in the CFL. Especially tied to a very reasonable early commitment discount.

(course it helps that I don't sit there :wink: )

The playoff "guarantee" also seems very reasonable, since it directly addresses the biggest complaint of fans in recent years - the frustration of being out of the running by Labour Day.

The One thing I can say about the staff here.
Is they are Great to work With.
They will try and Help you get the right seat for your needs.

On top of taking in an exciting season of Ticats football at Ivor Wynne Stadium, there are many benefits to becoming a season tickets holder, including:

Ticket to a 2008 Ticats home playoff game
Ticket to the 2008 Vanier Cup at Ivor Wynne Stadium

** Season ticket holders have the option of opting out of the 2008 playoff guarantee as well as the 2008 Vanier Cup ticket. A full refund of the cost of a play-off ticket will be refunded to the customer’s account if the Cats fail to secure a home play-off game.

So let's get this straight:
  • a playoff ticket is included in the package? (refunded if there is no home playoff game)
  • a Vanier ticket is included as well?

Just want to be clear about what my renewal will be buying me.

it looks like were paying for 11 games instead of 10 with preseason and playoff ticket incl it looks like ther price has come down and not up

Just want to be clear about what my renewal will be buying me.
To clear things up...

When you receive your invoice, you will see a price that includes your season ticket, a playoff ticket for your seat, and a Vanier Cup ticket for your seat. The playoff and Vanier tickets are an opt-in/opt-out, meaning you will choose to pay the price of the playoff ticket and Vanier cup ticket (which will be outlined in your invoice) on top of your season ticket price. To be eligible to receive the playoff guarantee, you must purchase your playoff ticket by April 12th, which is also the deadline for final balances.

If you choose to purchase the playoff ticket and we do not have a home playoff game, you will have the option to put that $ amount towards your 2009 season ticket account or get back the amount that you paid for the playoff ticket.

Example with Box J: 'All taxes included'
2007 price: $503.20
2008 early bird price:$495.00
2008 price without early bird: $550.00
2008 playoff ticket for Box J if paid by Early Bird discount date: $49.50
2008 playoff ticket for Box J if paid after Early Bird discount, but before the start of the regular season: $55.00