2008 Rosters

I was killing some time and I was curious about the composition of the league, so I quickly copied and pasted the rosters into a spreadsheet.

There is no representation from the University of Toronto and there are only 3 guys from York, 2 of them playing for the Argos.

[url=http://www.universitysport.ca/e/story_detail.cfm?id=12207]http://www.universitysport.ca/e/story_d ... m?id=12207[/url]

where are we going with this???

Good work!

Good for Western having 9.

I'm guessing Toronto doesn't have a good enough football program? :expressionless:

Isn't U of T 0-90 in their last few seasons?

Yaaaaay Western (proud Western Alumni right here)

They don't offer scholarships, they are rarely competitive and the program was close to folding a few years ago. I suspect both UofT and York lose most if not all of the big CIS recruits to "big" programs (St. Mary's, Western, McMaster, UofS, etc.).

I thought I'd never find this lonely thread. I'm using the search function incorrectly. I have to do a better job on the titles.