2008 prediction thread

ok post your predictions here but no I’m not giving away no 65" plasma screens, sorry it was just a trick to get you all in here. lol

Winnipeg 10-8
Hamilton 10-8
Toronto 8-10
Montreal 7-11

Edmonton 11-7
BC 10-8
Calgary 7-11
Sask 5-13

CFL MVP- Ricky Ray
Canadian- Jesse Lumsden
ROY- Ernie ‘action’ Jackson
comeback player of the year- Casey Printers
most improved- Eric Curry in Calgary
coach of the year- Taafe

and no Jason Armstead will not gain 2000 yards receiving. And both Montreal and Sask combined will start 8 different qb’s this year.

what a joke NO T.V.

Mean Trick :frowning: I Need a Bigger TV..

Winnipeg 12-6
Toronto 10-8
Hamilton 7-11
Montreal 3-15

BC 15-3
Calgary 10-8
Edmonton 9-9
Sask 8-10 Cross Over to East No Playoffs for Us.

CFL MVP- Kevin Glen Winnipeg
Canadian Paris Jackson BC
comeback player of the year- Jessie Lumsden Hamilton
most improved- Chris Bauman Hamilton
coach of the year- Wally Buono BC.
Rookie of the year Willie Ponder Ham

no way edmonton is going 9 - 9 more like 4 wins

BC will not have 15 wins this year. I bet 10-12.

After correctly predicting canucks dont make playoffs before last hockey season started, I think I quit while I still look like a genius.

Calgary Stampders 08 Champs

Winnipeg 10-8
Toronto 10-8
Montreal 8-10
Hamilton 7-11

Calgary 11-7
BC 10-8
Sask 7-11
Edmonton 5-13

CFL MVP- Henry Burris
Canadian- Jesse Lumsden
comeback player of the year- Casey Printers
most improved- Timmy Chang
coach of the year- Hufnagel

I predict that over the 72 games there should be an equal number of wins and losses (72-72)

But, I predict there will be a tie somewhere this season and we will scramble to remember how all that overtime stuff works again (just not on Labour Day OK?)

I predict Hamilton will start
the season undefeated

as a matter of fact
all the teams will.

OK, let's see if I have this right.

Of the 3 people that posted predictions, nobody has us worse than 7-11. Only one has us making the playoffs and yet all 3 have predicted at least 3 Ticats winning a league wide award?


Since when do 7-11 teams dominate league wide awards?

I think we have a case of Ti-Cat rose coloured glasses going on here.

To Chang7, can you explain to me how Casey Printers can be come back player of the year when his back up Timmy Chang is also most improved? They play the same position I can't see either of them winning an award let alone both winning an award..

Jesse Lumsden as top Canadian is the only player listed who has a shot at an award if he stays healthy. I'm not going to predict finishes...I'll just watch and enjoy and hope for the best.

I was thinking the same thing!

Winnipeg 9-9
Toronto 10-8
Montreal 8-10
Hamilton 11 - 7

Calgary 11-7
BC 3 - 15
Sask 12 - 5
Edmonton 8 - 10

CFL MVP- Jesse Lumsden
Canadian- Andrew Nowaki
comeback player of the year- Printers
most improved- Kori Dickerson
coach of the year- Taffe

I predict we`ll have a good season with a winning record and we will beat the blue team!!!

I forgot defensive player of the year- Corey Banks in BC, even though he won't win it because he's too busy blanketing receivers to get noticed.

and special teams player- Ponder.


Calgary: 13-5
B.C: 12-6
Edmonton: 9-9
Saskatchewan: 5-13


Winnipeg: 12-6
Toronto: 10-8
Hamilton: 8-10
Montreal: 4-14

I predict I'll have a better handle on predicting once the preseason is over. :wink: I would like to see some real bullets fly and get to find out what the final rosters will be once the waiver wire goes nuts in due course.

One prediction I will make is that the team will be much more competitive this season and won't be gonzo by Labour Day. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

After going 4-0 the last 2 years you still think preseason means anything? lol

I don’t care if any awards are handed out to Hamilton players…I just want to see them make the play offs…what award could be bigger ? :rockin:

No 65" plasma TV????
Well..in that case....I'm with ronfromtigertown who wrote: "I predict Hamilton will start the season undefeated"
Other than that, at this stage, its all wishful thinking.
Lets try this thread again after Game 2 of the regular season.

Nope, unless I come across a major windfall from now and november lol.