2008 NFL Draft

Pretty good first couple a rounds. I love the pick my Raiders made. Darren Mcfadden. That's gonna be nice!

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i must say, i think the cheifs had the best draft this year.

Getting Glenn Dorsey at 5th is huge. They also got the second best O-lineman in the draft with the 15th pick (Branden Albert). Then Taking Jamaal Charles in the second round to back up LJ.

The Bills had a nice draft too. Getting Leodis McKelvin the best corner in the draft and also taking WR James Hardy with the second round pick to help out Lee Evans.

He'll go well with Justin Fargas, LaMont Jordan, and Dominic Rhodes... (Did I miss anyone?)

:lol: yeah, Michael Bush and Admichobe Echemandu.

Right. :lol:

But rumour has it you guys are looking to trade Dominic Rhodes? Shame. Leaves the Colts and gets passed from team to team.

really? Wow. I'd rather them trade jordan. he seems to pretty injury prone.

LaMont Jordan > Dominic Rhodes.

And Dominic Rhodes has been cut. I'm loving the pick my Eagles made, especially as a 2nd round selection. DeSean Jackson!

my giants got the biggest steal of the draft picking up Mario Manningham in the 3rd round. And with some development, Andre Woodson could prove to have some trade value a few years from now.

That's a shame. I didn't mind Rhodes. Wonder if anyone will pick him up.

Holy crap they did, i just saw it on their site. That sucks, i liked D-Rhodes.

Adam Schefter reports:That they might be cutting LaMont Jordan soon as well.

My Top 5 of Best Drafts where :
(1) KC Grade AA
(2) Pit Grade A
(3)Miami B +
(4) NYG B
(5)Dallas C+

Worst Drafts

(1) Jacksonvile F-
(2)NYJ F
(3) ATL D-
(4) DET D-
(5) CAR D

i have to agree with you on most of your observations Onknight. the Jets draft could have been much higher had they taken a receiver instead of a tight end. there were plenty of receivers available at that slot, Limas Sweed, Desean Jackson, Devin Thomas etc. instead they pick up a tight end who can’t block, so they are basically picking up a bigger slower receiver. abd Carolina, i have no idea what they were thinking reaching for johnathan stewart that high, and then trading their first round pick next year to get Otah. There were plenty of capable tackles in the 2nd round, and they give up another potential top ten pick next year as they could find themselves at the bottom of that division.

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You dont have to be Adam Schefter to guess that. He makes too much money to be sitting on a bench, which is too bad, because I have always liked LaMont Jordan's game.