2008 Grey Cups tickets

Are on sale from today to the 19th of December.

[url=http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22265]http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.p ... &nid=22265[/url]

Geez you'd think at this early date I would be able to get a premo seat, but NO. The best I can get is a mediocre gold.

If I could get a platinum seat I would go, but I'm not too excited about flying to the other side of the continent and crossing the border for something less.

Thanks for tip though Ro! I'll try again later.

Try Calling
Montreal (514) 790-1245
Canada 1-800-361-4595
USA 1-800-678-5440
When you call you can "select" available sections better than the online best available feature

Im excited that the Best seats are sold out, Montreal is trying to get 70,000+. I know im happy to get my seats. i went across the country to sit in the top deck of BC place in 2005 and it was such a blast.

Your purchase order confirmation number is 306****.
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You purchased 2 tickets to:
________________________________________________________________________ COUPE GREY 2008 GREY CUPSTADE OLYMPIQUE - ALOUETTESS
un, November 23, 2008 12:00 AM
Seat location:section 104, row RR, seat 13
section 104, row RR, seat 14
Total amount charged: $288.00CAD

Not the best seats but it was xmas gift from my girlfriend so i could really care where the seats are its the experience. This will be my first grey cup since i was in afghanistan when it was here in winnipeg. Im super excited, too bad its so far away.

Got a couple of bronze seats, section 104 end zone, which is ok with me, just want to be there. Montreal is a great city.

Awesome Earl!! Section 104 represent

I was on the ticket site and it looks like Primium seats are sold out, and gold are almost sold out, same with silver, any idea on exact number of tickets that have been sold?

Just wonderin how people fared with waiting till the last minute to buy tickets this year in T.O. I was gonna purchase 4 seats but all were off to the side and so I figured I'd try my luck at waiting until it gets closer to the game. Did anyone find really good bargins from Argo fans who gave their seats away?

I dont believe they are "sold out".....The commercial I keep hearing says there are a limited number of seats available in each category