2008 Grey Cup Tickets

This info was in the local paper here in Montreal

2008 Grey Cup
Last chance to get your tickets before everybody else, on February 3rd 2008, from noon to midnight, on Admission outlets. Limited Quantity tickets available in these categories






1-800-361-4595 or 514-790-1245

Grey Cup Village
In 2001, the Montreal organizing committee created the innovative 'Grey Cup Village' in the heart of the city. This concept has been recreated at Grey Cup games across the country since then, and will be back in Montreal in 2008.

This info is important for the fans coming to Montreal and booking hotels.
Grey Cup Village will be in the heart of the city (downtown) and the game will be played in the Stad Olympic which is located in the east end of Montreal about 15-20 drive from the downtown core and the weeks festivity's.


Can't wait. 2001 was my first of 7 in a row. It convinced most of us that went to keep going, now it is my favorite weekend of the year.