2008 Grey Cup Tickets

For anyone interested in the pre-sale for 2008 Grey Cup tickets in Montreal here is the link. The password is "ticats"

If you have any other questions please contact me at (905) 547 2287 ext.251

[url=http://www.admission.com/html/presale.htmI?l=EN&id=Tiger-Cats]http://www.admission.com/html/presale.h ... Tiger-Cats[/url]

Would this be considered "counting your chickens before they are hatched"? Especially as we have to break a few eggs to make next season's omlette...

Thanks for the link Joe, Had some trouble earlier on, but we got through and are good for the 2008 game as well, Thanks Ticats! Eat em Raw!

The seating chart is hard to read the sections

Bought mine on Sunday...Now to try to locate accomodations for the weekend.