2008 Grey Cup Half-time show

I agree on the Grey Cup halftime in regina I was there live and it was amazing job, i don't really care if its canadian talent at halftime or not, sick of the Guess who though, same old song and dance, maybe if they had done something together the last 50 years then yeah. Tom Cochrane always puts on a great show. How about Cold Play:) yeah now i'm dreaming, lots of talent out there to chose,

I think it would be a great time for montreal to show off its diversity. Quebec as a province is the most unique and culturaly different place to reside in canada and i believe that it'd be awesome if they showcased their indivuduality instead of trying to get the biggest band possible.

It would be great for us out in the praires because its not very often we travel out that far or have any dealings with people from Quebec (unlike people from ontario) so we put together our opinions from here say and news media and we all know how accurate that these can be....

Antichrist Television Blues.

Stompin Tom, nobody else comes close.

With Celine Dione Singing :twisted: :twisted:

Arcade Fire or Broken Social Scene would be awesome.


I just had a much much much better idea and I am surprised that no one else has thought of it............ what about Rush. They are actually touring again so its not unfathomable.

Yep, that's a definite refreshment break for me, then...

T.I or Weezy F Baby

Patsy Gallant...

I remember when Montréal last held the Cup in 2001, they had a trio of Quebecois singers performing, including current Canadian Idol judge, Sass Jordan. So maybe a more current Montréal/Quebecois act would be ideal. Isn’t Sam Roberts from Montréal?

I really don't think it matters much who they get to do the half-time show, there will be people who won't like it.


Looks like april Wine is playing !!!

anyone know where this is going on ? Always a good show.

Yup, love April Wine, Tom Cochrane etc. as said, too many great groups and performers out there. Also, this will be the first Grey Cup for my wife who is from Ottawa and is a franchophone so I hope for her there are some French stuff as well.

Yeh, I saw the music Line up a while back for the tented village downtown… looked like a lot of french bands…

Dont the guys from April Wine live in Montreal now?

I know its early but i was thinking to my self, who could be the half time show for the Grey Cup in Montreal, and (Disclaimer I am a dreamer) but every Sunday a game is played in Montreal they play the song of a band that saved the team U2, why not have them play at the Grey Cup?

just a dreamer dreaming

Anything but rap crap.

no doubt! leave the Rap at home!!

I'd like to see someone that is big right now, sells a lot of tickets and can put on one hell of a show!

How about Tom Petty - first the Super Bowl ,next the Grey Cup - that would be cool!

Oh Gawd, anyone but Tom Petty.

...I'd take Kel over Tom Petty....maybe a Blin v. Kel face off....who is better....