2008 Green Rider Memorial Thread

Thats right Rider fans, there is NO Santa Clause,


Good luck the rest of the way, B.C....you're gonna need it vs. Calgary.

Go Als Go!


Calgary vs Montreal Grey Cup!!

RIP Green boys. I shall miss you (like a thorn in my side). Too bad there's nothing to do in the offseason...maybe you could venture out to BC where there's plenty to do.

...or not.

The true winners are those who win with class... keep that in mind, B.C. fans.

I must admit that so far the Rider fans have been big about it, but they will have to be for a while to come. They did do a lot of chest pounding leading up to this.

Go STAMPS Go!! :cowboy: :cowboy:

But but if you can't rub it in other peoples faces on an internet forum who you will never met in real life WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE. cries myself to sleep.

Class doesn't mean you can't have some (well deserved) fun. Just think of us as the new "turkeys".

Losing with class is also important. :slight_smile:

Thats what makes it all fun, you have to stir the pot, its amazing what one player can do to the outcome of a game, it was our worst fear that it might happen and it did, congrats to the lions i will be cheering for them the rest of the way through as they are my second team but after seeing todays game they will have to play allot better to beat the Stamps, looks to me like a Calgary and Montreal final. Chest pounding done until June of 2009 :slight_smile:


I know your embarrassed and all, but you could at least wait until the offseason to get with Geroy Simon, and worst of all you had to go south to the Rams too. For shame.

Just a word of advice to Rider fans....

Please peel those 2007 Grey Cup champions hats and shirts (you know, those hats and shirts you sleep in, get married in and bath in) off your bodies and throw them in the garbage because they are OFFICIALLY OUTDATED.

Don't worry there's always next year!

So your garbage can must be full then :rockin:

jm02 and chief ... take it like men instead of deleting what you dont like just because you lost (yes, chief, I know u were cheering for the riders).

Dont be bitter ... be better. Fact is, if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Rider fans here have talked smack all year, but today they finally paid for letting Kerry Joseph go. The Lions dominated all along and it should have been worse. I thought Wally showed a lot of class taking a knee despite all the bad blood between these 2 rivals and the bully tactics of the rider fans behind the visitors bench.

Looks like the Rider motto can go back up in front of Mosaic Stadium .....



Maybe they have done a lot of trash talking (which I doubt), but at least they're losing graciously.

Yes, yes it is! The sad thing is we don't know what it's like to have an empty garbage can of outdated championship merchendise.

What's it like? :lol:

We'll see if the eskimo fans lose as graciously when they get steam rolled by the Al's :lol:

:cowboy: :cowboy:

I can only speak for myself... If we lose, Ill congratulate the Als. But this isnt about my team...

I will. 8)

33 to 12? All I can really do at a time like this is laugh. HAHAHAHAHA. Go Stamps and Eskimos.