2008 free agents

so the list was released today and not many of the players we thought would be on it are there. However there are some players we should pounce on such as Matt Dominguez and Reggie Hunt. We should also resign Armour ASAP and look into Tom Canada. I think Chip Cox would be a good addition and i'm not really sure which o-linemen are good.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=22160]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... &nid=22160[/url]

Here is the list

i agree with you and we should also look into resigning gordon right away


I agree with ticats111. I'd also like to see us pursue Tony Miles...i know hes an argo but he was a pretty good receiver.

PS Not that I'd want him but isn't that list missing Rahim Abdullah?

I thought Rambo was FA too but not on the list.

Canada, Cox, and Armour would be my big 3.

I also thought Arland Bruce was up?

I think we should definitely go after Eddie Davis, Chip Cox and Dario Romero. Those three would instantly boost the front and back ends of our D.

I also think we should re-sign Armour.

And I could see the Cats making a run at Goodspeed, too.

well heres my list of who we should go after(no order after #1)

DAVIS, Eddie
GRANT, Corey
HUNT, Reggie
COX, Chip

Matt Dominguea and Reggie Hunt both have decent jobs in Saskatchewan. They might be hard to pry from the Riders unless they are made an exceptionally good offer. I would expect Reggie to go to BC if he did leave to play with his Brother. I don't see Canada leaving Winipeg either but you never know.

Dominguez while a great reciever is very injury prone . You put Lumsden down for his injuries last season but you want to sign 2 recievers who while they have great talent are hurt ALL the time . Miles has been hurt most of the past 2 seasons !!!

I hate to say it but we might have to trade or hope for a rookie in terms of WR.

We need Goodspeed, Bradley, Cox, Beveridge, and Hunt.

thats a pretty nice secondary

The main reason for the shrinking list was the huge spike in re-signings during last year's Grey Cup week as teams reconfigured their payrolls to conform with the SMS. This year is the fallout of that.

Nonetheless, I would expect that list to expand because teams will release some players who do not fit into their plans and to set their FA offer budgets.

Oski Wee Wee,

Based on the free agents available there are only a few elite prospects.Canada,Hunt,Davis are the elite and Dominquez(injuries only reason not elite) Armour Miles and Cox are mid level. Geroy and Bruce must be in there option year because they are not on the list. I think a trade will be only way to get a #1 reciever. I'll resign Bradly and Gordon and go after Cox! The biggest need is reciever!

Let the discussions begin.

An Argo-Cat fan

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TORONTO -– The Canadian Football League released today a list of players who as of February 16, 2008 at 12:01am ET will become CFL Free Agents should they not re-sign with their current respective teams.

2008 Potential Free Agents BC LIONS

BATES, Kelly N OL 6.03 296 27-Jul-75 Saskatchewan

JACKSON, Jarious I QB 6.01 232 03-May-77 Notre Dame

MYERS, Jerel I WR 5.11 175 18-Jul-81 Louisiana State


JONES, Garrick I OL 6.05 308 02-Dec-78 Arkansas State

ROBEDE, Miguel N DE 6.04 298 30-Jun-81 Laval


INGLIS, Taylor N OL 6.03 240 04-Nov-83 Alberta


ARMOUR, Jojuan I LB 6.00 225 07-Oct-76 Miami of Ohio

BEVERIDGE, Sandy N DB 6.02 214 09-Dec-81 UBC

BRADLEY, Jykine I DB 5.09 188 05-Jun-80 Middle Tennessee State

GORDON, Lawrence I DB 5.09 175 30-Mar-84 Florida Atlantic

PARKER, Arnold I DB 6.02 215 01-Jul-81 Utah

COBOURNE, Avon I RB 5.08 200 06-Mar-79 West Virginia

COX, Chip I DB 5.09 195 24-Jun-83 Ohio

DIEDRICK, Dahrran N RB 6.00 225 11-Jan-79 Nebraska

JEFFREY, Ryan N OL 6.03 275 07-Aug-81 Wilfrid Laurier

ROMERO, Dario I DT 6.03 300 13-Apr-78 Eastern Washington

TAYLOR, D'Wayne I LB 6.00 215 06-Nov-79 New Mexico State


ADAMS, Marcus I DL 5.11 285 20-Jul-79 Eastern Kentucky

CATES, Wes I RB 6.00 215 03-Oct-79 California U. of PA

CHERNIAWSKI, Dustin N DB 6.00 210 22-Sep-81 UBC

CLOVIS, Tristan N LB 6.00 197 25-Aug-82 McMaster

DAVIS, Eddie I DB 5.10 170 27-Jan-73 Northern Illinois

DOMINGUEZ, Matt I WR 6.03 222 27-Jun-78 Sam Houston State

GRANT, Corey N WR 5.11 205 22-Dec-76 Wilfrid Laurier

HUNT, Reggie I DB 6.00 205 14-Oct-77 Texas Christian

JONES, Jermese I OL 6.06 335 11-Dec-78 Virginia

JURINEACK, Terrell I DL 6.05 285 04-Jan-77 Missouri

KORNEGAY, Taddeus (Tad) I DB 5.10 185 13-Jul-82 Fordham

NKEYASEN, Kennedy N DB 5.09 193 04-Aug-76 Idaho State

ROBINSON, Rontarius I DB 5.11 185 08-Apr-82 Howard


AVERY, John I RB 5.10 184 11-Jan-76 Mississippi

KEEPING, Jeff N DT 6.05 273 19-Jul-82 Western Ontario

MILES, Tony I WR 5.09 170 16-May-78 Northwest Missouri State

O'SHEA, Michael N LB 6.03 235 21-Sep-70 Guelph

REMPEL, Chad N WR 6.02 213 23-May-81 Saskatchewan


BAIRD, Adrian N DE 6.04 245 15-Jul-79 Ottawa

BEARMAN, Greg N DB 5.07 180 28-Feb-75 New Mexico State

CANADA, Tom I DE 6.03 255 08-Jan-80 California Berkeley

DINWIDDIE, Ryan I QB 6.00 190 27-Nov-80 Boise State

GOODSPEED, Dan I OT 6.06 315 20-May-77 Kent State

LOGAN, Ian N DB 5.09 190 19-Aug-82 Wilfrid Laurier

MCKINLAY, Neil N LB 5.11 218 25-Apr-81 Simon Fraser

SHERIDAN, Matthew N OL 6.03 325 27-May-77 Manitoba

STODDARD, Jamie N WR 6.00 180 29-Dec-77 Alberta

Good list. Thing is, of course, these are POTENTIAL free agents... their current teams have them until mid-February and have exclusive negotiating rights until then.

Re our potential free agents, I would like to see us emphasize re-signing Armour, Beveridge and Bradley. Gordon too for that matter.

How about letting Mike O'Shea finish his career as a Ticat? :slight_smile:

How about poking a needle in my eye?

NO Too Old And Will allways be an Argo..