2008 Draft

I've been looking for info on the 2008 CFL draft and haven't been able to find any. The draft section on CFL.CA is still focused on the 2007 draft and TSN doesn't show anything.

I'm curious to see who's making an impression and where the strengths are. QB's, receivers and running backs are all getting the press but that doesn't necessarily translate to the draft.

Any help finding info would be appreciated.

There's a QB at the UofR (Regina) that may be the first CIS QB in a generation that may have legitimate pro skills. It'll be interesting to see what attention he gets in the draft.

I don't think Orban will be drafted as he is a QB. but it would definitly be bad to sign him this year as a 5th year in the CIS would be best, who knows.

If the special designation for QB's was removed to just make Rosters:(and inrease them to 44)
22 NI's
22 Imports(4 DI's)

that's fine atleast Teale Orban would have a chance to crack a roster as the 3rd string QB.

There is also a QB at McGill who is passing very well. Its time Canadians had a role to play at QB.

Any impact RB's or DB's out there?

there will never be a Canadian QB in the CFL, because CIS and youth coaches lack any QB expertise and they dont run good systems, if canadians want to develop good CFL QBs, they need to start out first and get the best athletes in Canada to play QB, the majority of CIS QBs are slow caucasian pocket passers, and notice how the CFL hardly has any of those QBs, and if they do they must be very accurate and have a quick release like Ricky Ray. Also For a Canadian to develop into a CFL QB, Amateur coaches have to spend money and get game film from CFL teams and have their QBs study game film, work on footwork, and use similar playbooks to CFL teams, many amateur coaches in Canada are so stubborn that they stick to old school tactics, and dont spend time to develop players, the many players that go to the states for college, get there by accident, not by good coaching, i know many kids that made the states, because they had spend money on personal trainers and attending camps in the states, because canadian coaches are useless.

The only way I see it ever happening is they make a maditory 4th spot on each team. Then these guys get the coaching to help them develope, these guys probably would never play. Eventually some of those guys would be coaches and you would develope better coaching at the amatuer level and eventually one day there would be well trained qbs at the CIS level.

At the very least they need to allow a Canadian QB to count against the Canadian roster quota.

Never say never I say. There will be a Canuck QB when one is good enough to make the team at that position.

I agree with Bobby. A fourth position for a home-grown QB is a good idea and it might even be acceptable to the owners.

That's great in theory, but don't forget you then need 8 of them. I'm not sure that's a realistic goal....

Russ Jackson of the old Ottawa Rough Riders is one of the best QB's of all time. He came to the team from McMaster U and had a long and very sucessful tenure as a Canadian Qb. Other Canadian grads like Jamie Bone of Western were never given a proper chance in the CFL. Ottawa had another canadian QB in one of their camps who was the most impresive QB in training camp but failed to make the team. A few years ago the ALs had Matt Bertrand from Laval whom they quickly cut. He showed next in Edmonton next but made the first string team as a blocking fullback. Greq Varva was another Canadian QB who made it as a first string QB. Canadians are as strong, have the same arm strength, are as intelligent as the USA guys but are not given the opportunity in the CFl. I can list several Als QB's in the last number of years who were horrid and I have to believe that one of our own, with coaching , could have done a better job.

You wouldn't have to have eight positions all at once. You could add one every couple of years on a rotating basis. For that matter you could start with one drawn by lottery and subsidized by the league. Then add one every couple of years. That way a team would add a new 4th QB every 16 years and there would always be at least ONE team with a Canuck pivot and every year the top Canuck QB would be guaranteed a spot on a roster.

I imagine such a system would create quite the competition for that top spot.