2008 draft prospects

we have number one pick who looks good in this years draft.any thoughts on who we should pick.

Challenger from Boston College, good reciever, to small for nfl, starts on a BCS team

Kevin Challenger is a good receiver. Unfortunately, he was drafted by Calgary in the second round (14th overall) of the 2007 CFL Draft.

When and where will the draft be?

hope this helps-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CFL_Draft

Normaly it is the Following Week after the NFL Draft.

It was Covered Live on Internet last year on CFL .ca

Mike Hogan and Duane Forde did a good job last year IMO. Hope they do it again.
If I were an owner I would look into the possiblity of bringing Duane in as an assistant GM/scout and then move him into the GM position after a few years of training. He seems to have a good eye for talent.

Speaking of the NFL draft I heard some talk of them moving the draft day up, don't know if it ever got finalized. It that happens the CFL will probably move their draft day ahead as well.