2008 CFL Madden Rosters

Hey guys!
I just uploaded my updated 2008 CFL rosters for Madden. This year, it's not as useful since the next gen consoles don't allow you to modify players :frowning: but I REALLY hope they bring the edit feature back for the new 2009 this fall! PRETTY PLEASE! That way I can really impress the CFL board and be the guy who rates the players in a new official CFl game! (crossing my fingers)

Anyhow, if you have my old rosters already on your PS2 or XBox, then here's the update you need to get yourself updated to this year! Enjoy and post your comments, I know there's some guys that might not be as accurate, but I checked 40 times and bench presses at combines to get most speed and strength numbers and stats for the rest.


MartyMix thats awesomely impressive...I have madden 08 for the PS3 (better that 360 lol) and my brother printed off the roster for the riders and made them and there jerseys and the stadium....took him approximately 9 and 1/2 hours...and they were all rated 99....

I can only imagine what u had to do to come up with that...good luck try to get a CFL game goin...i hope you do

Wish you could convert to The PC ..
I would love another Crack at Running a CFL League via the PC

I'm DYING to find out if 2009 will let us modify players again for the 360 or PS3. Then it's ONLINE LEAGUES BABY!!! That be sooooo cool!

Trying to throw my name around the CFL right now. Hopefully I get some news. Thanks for the feedback guys!

Found a couple of CFl players on facebook and tried sending them the link to check it out. Crossing my fingers to get some feedback.