2008 Boatmen likely to look very different

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2008 Boatmen likely to look very different

Damien Cox Dec. 1 2007

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Adam Rita is likely to have his contract extended
to provide continuity in the Argos front office.

'Pinball isn't coming back, at least not as coach.

AND get this

He seems determined to at least
take a break from coaching,

which doesn't rule out the possibility

he might be back again
somewhere down the line.

That's something Rich Stubler, likely
to be the club's next head coach,
is just going to have to live with.'

Wouldn't that be something?

Steve Buratto will interview next week with
[Jim] Popp and Montreal owner Robert Wetenhall,

I hope they go into a Rebuilding Season
They Then find out how hard it is .
We been Rebuilding for Almost 5 Seasons now.

We still aint Got it right

I suppose that re-building is not the best thing going on in Ticat land and others may do it a whole lot better than Hamilton has done. There has been NO consistancy in Ticat land and until there is I don't see how Hamilton can be strong force. It's a shame that they seem to be running in sand and not progressing as all the fans have expected. I fear that Bob has been lead in some wrong directions by those around him. When will it change in Hamilton? Consistancy my friends consistancy

It's not rocket science, it took Winnipeg one season to rebuild.

Toronto wont rebuild, they'll reload and be good to go again. They wont get rid of all of their vets and trade them for nothing.

As in the past, the Argos will come down the highway to their Hamilton farm team, to get what they need. The will be solid in 2008, especially if Stubler is HC/GM.