2007 Yearbook/Media Guide?

Is there a 2007 yearbook available? I asked at the game on Friday, and the fellow in the booth said that he wasn't sure, but he thought there might be one available later in the season.

I have diligently collected these for all of the seasons I've had seasons' tickets, and I'd be disappointed if there wasn't one for this year.

Anyone else know more???


  • paul

Thanks for the link paullywood. So does this mean that it's only available via Lulu?

Does anyone know if it's available at the Ticat office, or somewhere in the stadium on gameday?

Looked on the site - print copy came up as €40! Hope that's a "special" European price.

The yearbook was a good piece of memorabilia at a good price. Come on organization, what the heck were you thinking? At least there's CFL Facts & Figures...