2007 Uniforms

hey i remeber at the end of the season somebody from the ticats saying they were bringing back the yellow pants? true or false. also! if we bring the yellow back does that mean no more black and white pants? i liked last year uniforms and would like to see them again, but maby instead of rockin that ugly black pant white jersey look on away games, mix them all up, at home somtimes have the black jeresys on black pants, n sum games black jerseys on yellow pants, away games should always be white on white and maby sumtimes white jerseys on yellow pantsthough i hated how they mixed it up with the white jerseys nblack pants, it looked stupid.

I like the black jersey with yellow pants. But I thought we looked pretty good in our opener last year with the white pants and white jersey.
I know I'm in the minority but also liked the white helmets and the yellow jersey's, I thought they looked really good with the black helmet and black pants.

Yep back to Gold Pants this year…
Black Home Jersery
Gold for Special Games.

White For away…

so no more black pants at alll?

I heard That 3rd Gold Jersey will not be used this Year?

Is this True...
They where great to Look at..

Just don't Bring back the White Helmet & that other logo
Ugly Describes them

If your going to add 2nd Helmet
Please Go Retro Gold with the old logo..

You mean with the "H" on it? Or the leather ones... dang this is starting to sound like that Pro-Line commercial. :lol:

I think OnKnight means this one:

That would be the 1968-1983 vintage ones. Go to http://www.misterhabs.com/CFL.htm
for historical helmets for all CFL teams, present or extinct.

I would like to see a third uniform with a gold helmet, whether that one or a 1960s version (gold, no logo; one with the player number on it, or the "TC" 1965 model). The 1967 Centennial helmet is another option, although I never liked the stylized leaf on it.

FYI: there has never been a "H" helmet since the 1950 merger. I think there are plenty of permutations the team can consider with some historical "throwback" value already...

I prefer the team going with the gold pants, home and away. It is part of the team's WINNING tradition, after all. :wink: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

I know this is a Madden 2004 representation of what kind of vintage look we can come up with for a third jersey, but here goes:

The white arm rings are not exact to the kind of 1960s look the team had, but it's on the right track. The 1950-1962 era had jerseys with a single main ring around the shoulders with gold or black piping of the same thickness. That look or the classic striping along the sleeves would be sharp in an updated Reebok throwback jersey, to be sure.

Here is an example of Hal Patterson wearing a gold jersey version of what I'm getting at:

BTW: Hal Patterson (shown in my Madden image) is no. 7 on my Madden all-Ticat team because Grover Covington is #77... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Yes That the One Thanks