2007 Tryouts

Does anyone know of any free agent tryouts for the 2007 CFL season? Any information would be appreciated!

You would have to check out the team websites. You can also check the archives on the sites to see when they posted them to give you an idea of the dates :smiley:
Camp starts in May :wink:

LB44, in my experience, most teams will frown upon walk-ons without some sort of credentials. Like all teams, best bet is get in touch with the Coach as early as possible, and get him game tape.


...I seem to recall some FA camps held in the States last year (Late March? April?) where reps from a few teams attended to see what kind of walk-up talent there was.....

Your best bet is to look on the Edmonton Eskimoo
website. Im assuming youre a linebacker and
theyre in desparate need.

Your welcome!


LOL.....is it too early????

Place needs a little livening up!

Eskylo they are indeed needing linebackers and the same with the Riders!

The Riders held tryout for the past seven years under Shivers, but I do not think the ET plans to do the same.

For draft eligible Canadians there is usually a evaluation camp just prior to the draft.

I would suggest contacting each team directly to find out what their plans are.

The Lions usually have a couple of free agent camps in the States during the Spring. Last year they were in L.A. and Eugene, Ore (where they found Buck Pierce, Ryan Phillips and Tony Simmons in 2005). But being the CFL it is still early and camp locations may not of been finalized yet.