2007 Ticket Prices?

I'm positive that earlier today I saw a thread on here containing the 2007 ticket brochure, and a link to the new page on 2007 tickets. It seems to have dissapeared. Was this info released by mistake, and the Cats are trying to hide it now, or am I just crazy and can't see it?

No your not going crazy. The info just got up on the site a few day too early and some modification needed to be made. All the information should be available on early next week.

Okay, thanks.

Ya I posted it
but I was told by Kevin they need to make changes..

What are the few changes ?

Prices going up , down or staying same ?

Where's my poster ?

I am shure it will be Announce Soon..

They need a photo of the Head Coach for the brochure.

that could be it..

I seen a definate price hike for my seat halfway up section 25 .

No season tickets for me I will get a flex pack but wait 1 or 2 games to see the football.
Had the faith for alot of years but now I have to see a team that plays at a pro level.

They better not ask for one red cent$ over my last year renewal :x ?

Well your out of luck ..... big increase!!!!

Have they set the prices for next season ?
I did not see anything in the paper or here.

my dad was saying that our season tickets have gone up $ 28 per ticket but we got them cheaper because we were on a 3 year deal which means if you are just renewing every year they have gone up even more than that 8)

Here are the 2007 increases for the BC Lions over last year's prices for seasons tickets:

Premium ....+ $55.00

Platinum....+ $50.00

Gold........+ $50.00

Silver......+ $65.00

Bronze......+ $35.00

It will be interesting to see where we fare compared to the Lions, as an example, once our package is made public...


Wow...is that per season ticket...thats crazy. Increases are a normal thing in business but with those prices I bet the Ticats are well below the league average...especially because Im pretty sure you wont find a team lowering them to the point ours are.

Well, it seems you’re right!

Not bad at all. I was truly expecting a big hike but $20 ($2 per game) is more than fair I believe.
It still leaves us with the second lowest prices in the league. And all child tickets remain the same.

I like the VIP weekend passes for the Tigertown at Grey Cup next year that’s included also.

Hre’s today’s Spectator article with further details

click here

I have no problem with this at all. According to the article, Hamilton is second lowest in the league next to Edmonton's prices.

I was just looking at some of the teams season ticket prices...take a look at Montreal's http://www.montrealalouettes.com/ViewAr ... CLID=35279

Now thats expensive but obvously that price has alot to do with the fact that the stadium only holds about 22,000.

The ticket prices sound fine to me. Saves me some $$$ at next year's Grey Cup with the pass to Tigertown as well.

Good move Bob