2007 Ticats wishlist

I think Marcel will do a great job as
Ti-cats GM. There are some changes we
will have to do, and there maybe a

secondary is great
would like to see an import at LB
Barranchea isn't starting calibur

offensively Lumsden is a great ratio
breaker at RB. I don't see Ranek/Holmes
returning. Radelin hasn't impressed.

Want to see some import O-lineman.

unfortunatley Vaughn will go i think.

Ian fleming hasn't yet impressed me
I think Boreham and Pat fleming will go.
We need 1 kicker like Osbaldiston.

Fowlers, Cody, Flick, Ralph, Cotton
will turn it around in 07.

As for Qb's I would like to see Nealon
Greene here

Nealon Greene? seriously?

yikes, i can think of about 300,000 pissed off rider fans that'll explain to you step by step why thats a mistake.

I'll go out on a limb and suggest trading Maas to Winnipeg for some frontline personnel. I think both Eakin and Williams would do fine if they had adequate protection. I don't believe that Winnipeg will go very far with Kevin Glenn (and alot of Bomber fans probably agree). To me, he's alot like Nealon Greene and Marcus Crandell...they run hot and cold...mostly cold. (Of course that's assuming Winnipeg would actually want Maas after what this season has done to his reputation).

The fact is...it doesn't matter how good your QB is or how good your RB is if your frontline is as porous as a sieve.