2007 Ticats= 2000 Alouettes

Hello all Just a ? for anyone to discuss. When was the last time that Charlie was head coach in the CFL? Rhetorical of course. Anyway this team will play better than .500 maybe even three games over..might overachieve and play host to a playoff game. I say this because if you look how the ingredients are being placed you will understand.

On offence what made the Alouettes offence good was a solid offensive line, possession receivers, Mediocre Quarterback at the time, blocking fullback, and a everydown back. Watch this:

QB: Cavillo/Stanley Jackson = Maas/Williams first year starting in Taeffe's offence. Pocket/Scrambling.

RB/FB: Pringle/Heppell = Lumbsden/Radelien... Only if lumbsden can stay healthy..Davis will get cut and some rookie will be backup.

Slasher: Haskins = Holmes..the ace of the bunch here..can play slot as well as runningback.

WR/SLOT: Cahoon/Climie/Girard/Browning/Tyree Davis =
Flick/Ralph..and yet to be known..maybe Thewell from BC..competition in camp..this will be the only difference cause the players will be faster than those guys but not as polished in their routes

Oline: Will come together in camp with accountability or they will be gone.

With the same coaches it will be easy to see the similiarites. I mean two teams in the CFL already have Taeffe's offence.. EDM/PEG..Maciocia/Berry
....its not saying much considering last year..but EDM was good on offence from 2002-2005..

On Defence

Will return with that later... :lol: