[b]Finally the Eskimos showed indications of what may be to come this year. A 180° difference between the BC game, and the Cowtown game. I think a few ppl will now have to sit up, and take notice.

I'm sure my old pal Red&White took great pleasure in PS game # 1...Deservedly so.

Now we're playing for keeps. I see where some media, and fans around the CFL have predicted a bad year for the Esks...I like that. When the Esks start kickin ass around the league, I'm sure a few ppl will be quite surprised.

The 07 Esks have speed to burn...And they will burn. They'll burn defenders. Our secondary will burn opposition receivers, and our D-Line will burn QBs.

BC is the team with the bigass target on their backs this year. Unfortunately, coaches around the league will not be so foolish as to allow the Esks to fly beneath their radar...Which is exactly what other fans, and media will be doing.

The addition of a real OC is massive. Even without an OC, a balanced attack, and a decent O-Line. RR still passed for 5000 yards last year.

What do you think is going to happen with an effective running game, and a much improved O-Line ? No longer will defences be able to pin back their ears and blitz til the cows come home. The balanced attack will keep them honest. And when they do Eff up...It's gonna cost them.

Holding DD, and Pierce to 185 yds through the air, should be enough to make everybody think twice. Without the turnovers, the Esks would have destroyed BC. I wouldn't be putting too much stock into what the Stamps did to the Esks either.

I attended many workouts during TC this year. It was hard to contain my enthusiasm. I found out last year though, that TC means exactly...Jack ! Our secondary looked great in camp, but shat the bed during the reg season.

I was pretty disappointed with the 1st PS game.

The BC game...Wasn't even close. The ONLY thing that held the score close was the Eskimo turnovers, and stupid penalties ( And a timely tackle on a 3rd down gamble by another great example of an incompetent CFL on-field official...These guys continue to be a black eye on this league ).

If the Esks can avoid those stupid penalties, and can hang onto the ball...Lookout.

For the record, my official prediction for the year is...

I still think BC is the power in the West, but Cowtown may give them a run. The Esks go 10 - 8 to finish 2nd, or 3rd in the West. The Esks beat Cowtown in the West Semi. They beat BC in the West Final. The Esks beat Pinball, and his Argos to win their 14th Grey Cup Championship.

If RR gets injured...All bets are off.

The key word this year is...SPEED
Read it, know it...Fear it.[/b]

P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.

....no, I couldn't go to it actually....what i saw on the news that night looked mildly entertaining, but nothing to brag about....it's PS dude, anything goes...

...it will be very interesting to see how teams approach the EEs early in the season, and if the Esks can throw off the nightmare of last year and mentally rebound, is there game in their head?....the first few games will be very interesting to watch....

...heres to a new season my friend...grrrr....

Well, I hope you're right. The defence looked suspect last night against Winnipeg. Quite a few times the Blue Bombers were able to get some quick drives.

However, if the offence is as good as you say it is, maybe we can play like the Colts. Ricky Ray had an amazing game last night, throwing 5 TDs.

....yup, I think for both our teams the key to success this year will be to simply score more points than our Ds allow...

the guys full of shyt!

Esks Defense is weak... inexperience in the Linebackers and and Aging Safety in Garrett!

The Esks aren't some miracle team you know, nobody goes from 7-11 to 12-6 and wins the grey Cup!

Go Esks Go!

:lol: :lol: Look who is talking! The Eskimos stunk it out at preseason and yes that means nothing as far as where the team will be during the season. Only important to coaches and the players trying to make the team. But the Eskimos played well their second preseason game and vs the bombers. I can not wait for the Eskimos to lay a lickin on the Riders.

by what thinking do you believe they'll do such a lickin?

Riders have a much better defense... and all they need is for their offense to get it together, which by week 4 is a huge possibility.

Shannon Garrett may not even have a job by the end of tonight, when the Lions receivers eat him alive!

I think the Eskimos fans are in self denial here..

And you base this on what one game? LAst year your team had the best depth according to prider nation. Now they have the best defense. Unbelievable.