2007- The Comeback Kids

This season there are several players who have performed at a better than expected level, indeed, much better than past play indicated.

Mike Bishop: Mike did have two super games at the finish of last season but this is the year he consolidated his ownership of the QB posirion with the Argos. He came to the Cfl as an All American at the universiy level. He could run, he had a great arm but he could not be consistant. He would complete a great pass then- throw an interception. He would make misplays and was never THE QB. This year Mike has put it all together- his passing, both long and short, is super. He is a solid runner- a QB who makes first downs with his feet! Most important, he appears as a thinking QB .

Kamu Peterson: Kamu has always had speed and an ability to get open. The problem was- he would drop the long pass. This was the case both with Winnipeg and Hamilton. This year he has been holding on to the ball. I have only seen him drop one pass this year- an amazing performance.

Kevin Glen : Kevin is having his best year as a QB. He could not make it at Regina and was not very accomplished in Winnipeg. Fans were on his back and the team was always looking for another QB. This year Kevin is one of the best. He has high completion stats and can run when demanded. He is the most valuable player in Winnipeg.

Rocky Butler : Rocky had trouble getting playing time at Regina. Hamilton traded for Rocky but he was released and was considered to be washed up. The situation in Toronto gave Rocky perhaps his last chance in the CFL. His performance is above expectations, his passing has been positive. It would be safe to say that Rocky now does have a future in the CFL at least as a second string QB.

Richie Williams: Richie came to Hamilton with good stats from a school not at the top USA college level.He has been a seldom seen, third string QB. He was considered to be third string with Hamilton this year. This has changed due to his solid play in todays game with Toronto. One has to think that Chang is finished and Richie will be second string QB with Hamilton now that Printers is around. He was the first QB in the last couple of years to complete twice for TD's or the Ti Cats. He can run when called upon. Richie will not get much playing time with Printers running the team. When Richie becomes a free agent, he will have lots of offers from other CFL teams. What a comeback!.

I believe you forgot one hassall-- DJ Flick. He is leading the Riders in TDs this year, and is making some amazing, clutch catches for the Riders this year. The only bad play that sticks out is the INT that the Esks got from a pass that bounced out of his hands in the end zone. He redeemed himself for it later, anyway , by catching another TD pass. IMO, Flick is the top contender for comeback player of the year.

I agree Flick is having a great year!

some more:

Jesse Lumsden: Third in the league in rushing depsite missing 2 games and is averaging 8.5 yards per carry while owning 3 runs of over 50 yards

Nautyn Mckay Loescher: tied for second in the league in sacks with 8 despite missing 2 games

Joe Smith: 1st in the league for rushing yards and rushing TD's