2007 State of the League Press Conference

The CFL Broadband site has this posted:

CFL.ca brings you live video coverage of the 2007 State of the League Press Conference.

Join CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon on Monday June 25 for an update on League business and our game prior to season kickoff.

Click on the link below for free access to the live webcast beginning at 11:00 AM ET (link live 20 minutes before start)

I don't think I'll get to watch it, but I'm wondering if topics such as the future of the Ottawa franchise and expansion may be discussed.

you should be able to watch it after archived like the state of the franchise addresses.

I'd expect there to be something big, some sort of an announcement not necessairly expansion, possibly league sponsorship or launching of something.

aside from that I'd expect an announcement of league Season ticket numbers.(as it is on the up and up).

I hope I wake up to listen to it.

Whatever they announce is good to me. I just can't wait until Football starts up again! Hopefully Edmonton makes the playoffs this season.

I'll probably leave myself a note to remind me to listen/watch to this broadcast.

any thoughts on the SOTU address?

I like how he said that the league would be pursuing stadium development. He based a lot of it on Asper's proposal, so if that ends up being successful, he'll have a great success story to use when approaching other cities with the idea. News doesn't sound great for Ottawa, since going back to the capital seems dependant on a new stadium.

I like how he mentioned the group in Quebec City, shows that that interest is still in the works.

Overall he carried himself well, i was pretty happy with his answers.

I didn't like how he didn't slam the door on selling the naming rights to the Grey Cup. C'mon, Marky boy, some things are sacred!

I didn't gather that from his statements. Didn't he say that the possibility of returning to Ottawa or extending into Quebec or Eastern Canada was predicated on stadium availability? No problem there. Ottawa already has a stadium that was refurbished for the Ottawa (Renegades) reintroduction to the CFL several years ago.

He also said that there is some consultation to be done with structural engineers in Ottawa, and with the heavy focus on developing new business plans for stadiums Ottawa certainly can't be left out of that loop.

I'm really impressed with this man. He's a great face for the league as he exudes youthful energy and verve and is well spoken and articulate. He clearly has his finger on the pulse of the league and the communities and has some excellent plans for marketing, especially the player reps and how they are the face of the league. I really liked his idea for a youth council. That's an idea I suspect he got from this forum by the way. He listens. So keep the ideas flowing. The worst thing that can happen is that people stop talking about the CFL.

This is a very optimistic time for the league. I for one am revved.

By the way, ESPN had a short clip on the CFL tonight. I missed most of it because I was out of the room but they were talking about the Stumps' quarterbacking situation I believe. They do this with some regularity. So don't believe that the CFL is totally ignored down here 'cause it's not. I would love to see a south-of-the-border CFL newsroundup on this site. Once or twice a month it could highlight stories from the US media. I think that would help dispel the notion that nobody cares down here. It wouldn't be an enormous feature, but mainly just a list of mentions and CFL references. I would certainly contribute and I'm sure others would as well.

A big Issue with Ottawa's stadium is inability to get Lease atleast for the season and gaining full control over concessions.

with those two things the team atleast has a chance to break even.(in 2008 or 2009)

Heck, it'd be really easy in a 10 team league you'd expect because Eastern teams would have no travel cost(with Ottawa and QBC)

He did Say QBC was getting a serious look, with more seats at Laval I'm thinking 2009 they could have a team.

2 team expansion is the proper way to do it, no un-balanced sched, all teams get evened out quicker if the 2 new teams take 1 top 5 Import and 1 top 10 NI from each CFL team + 2 Neg list guys from each roster.

Also giving these teams advanced FA ability(so They can start talking to FA's of all teams in January along with those FA's teams) the teams have a good shot to be half decent and build quicker.


Annual event Showcase weekend in Atlantic Canada(Halifax or Moncton) All teams down to 60 players + exeptions on the monday before this weekend to ensure some top players are there
with 5 games, 1 on friday(7:30PM), 2 on Saturday(12 PM and 6 PM, 2 on Sunday(12PM and 5 PM). all times are Local maritime time so eastern unless it's newfoundland land

There would be 1 week between the reg-season and pre-season
Final cuts would be announced midnight the Tuesday or Wensday after the last pre-season game.

But Back to Cohon, I like how he's try to get the players out there and Interact with the younger Generation across canada.

I do wonder how to get on that youth council and can I get paid to be there :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a problem there. Ottawa has had their chance at football and obviously are going to fail if given the chance again. I say build The CFL outside of Ottawa, then maybe it will gain some interest within Ottawa.

. . . but what do I know?

The Gliebermans left Ottawa. Not the other way around.

From November 25th, 2005:

Ottawa's football fans aren't ready to give up on the Renegades ... or the Gliebermen, yet.

A study commissioned by the Renegades and obtained by the Sun last night suggests that while Ottawa football fans may not be thrilled with the recent on-field product, they're still willing to support the club.

The sample size for the study, by Boulder, Colo.-based Leisure Trends Group, involved more than 1,500 people -- a cross-section of fans from season-ticket holders, single-ticket purchasers and locations throughout the stadium. The poll was done during three home games -- against B.C., Winnipeg and Hamilton -- two losses and a win.

Asked: "How likely are you to come back to a Renegades game," 63% said absolutely, 27% said likely, 10% said maybe and just 0.5% said never. Fans in the South Upper side were the most positive, with 68% responding absolutely.

Asked: "Your interest level in the Renegades," 51% said higher this year (65% from the under-25 crowd), 45% said same as in the past, while just 4% said less than last year.

Another fact uncovered in the study, which could be released today: While the mean age of a Renegades fan is 37 (38 for men and 35 for women), the biggest percentage of fans is in the 40-49 grouping.

Thirty-one percent of those polled say it was a good idea to cancel the Mardi Gras Madness promotion, while 41% said it was a bad idea and 29% didn't care.

The videoboard came under criticism. Thirty-five percent of those polled gave it less than a five out of 10 ranking. The mean was 5.5 for men and 5.9 for women. The sound system may also need some work, with a 6.0 mean from men and 6.4 for women.

Parking availability was also addressed, with 12% rating it 1 out of 10. On the other hand, 11% said parking was excellent.

Music at the game scored well, with 68% rating it above average.

The dance team also scored very well, with a 7.4 mean from men and 6.5 from women.

The Renegades might want to work on their concession pricing. A whopping 31% thought the pricing was poor, with only 27% saying it was above average.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this. Are they saying that the 27% who though pricing was above average are saying that the prices are lower than average and therefore better? Or, are they saying that the 31% who thought the pricing was poor think the prices were too high? If so, don't most people think prices are too high at a concession?

This seems like a really meaningless stat.

Anyone watch Off the Record (OTR) with Mike Landsberg? Mark Cohon was on. I too have been very impressed with him. He seems to think what Asper's doing in Winnipeg could bne huge for the CFL and stadium infrastructure. He also said the CFL wants to return in Ottawa. He said that they need someone who has a good buisiness plan, someone with plenty of dough who can handle the rough times. He said that the league cannot afford to mess up in Ottawa again, it's a one shot type off thing.

I have to agree with everything he said. Build a team back slowly and do it right. In my opinion Ottawa's a great market and supports and deserves a team. This is good news, with patience Ottawa could have it's team back. Hang in there Ottawa.

Well first they need some civic leaders with the cajones to step up and lead the charge for community support. Then they need a buyer with a lot of dough. Then they need a stadium that a team can make money in.

This is going to take years.

Cohon was a great choice by the BOG. He sets his standards high but realistic at the same time, with no gimics. Success starts at the top, and we got a winner with this guy.

Staduim building is important to grow the game That is what is needed in the C.F.L.

Not necessarily relevant, but while looking up some information for my post to BigDave earlier, I came across a mention of Bruce Firestone almost coming to an agreement to sell 25% of the team to one Larry O'Brien. I googled it to be sure, but it's the same Larry O'Brien who's now mayor of Ottawa.

Interesting CRF! I wonder what it means?

I like to think that it means that when O’Brien says he’s interested in seeing football here again, he means it. Of course, it’s not entirely his decision but I think we’ll get a solid effort out of him if someone capable steps up.

That's great to hear that there are some CFL supporters in high places on Ottawa's city council. The mayor! Cool!

Now maybe it'll be easier for a potential owner to negotiate a viable lease agreement on the stadium, removing that one HUGE hurdle.

IMHO, Cohon's smartest and most business savvy move is to develop and grow the grassroots.

Think about it. Increase the number of kids playing football at the amateur level - and the other things (expansion, new stadiums, more corporate $, etc.) will take care of itself in time.

It's a long term strategy but one that should yield unbelievable results in time.

(Just think...if the NHL invested in growing the grassroots game by building ice rinks in the southern U.S. and get kids actually playing the game they might not be in the same boat today).

Cohon (I believe) will go down as the most innovative and progressive-thinking commishes in pro sports once he's done!