2007 Season Ticket Prices

I believe we have all heard the rumours that season ticket prices are going up next year, so do you think they should?

I know that if they do I will either consider the Flex Pack or just wait to game day to buy tickets. Possibly 17 yers of season tickets gone.

Dont get me wrong, I love the ticats, but even more than that I HATE TO WASTE MY MONEY.

i will not renew my season tickets if Pao Pao is still here regardless of the cost

I sit in box I (for last 16 seasons) and I am in the last year of the 3 year deal. If the price is anywhere near what the advertised price for box I in the 2006 brochure, they can forget it. I can accept (reluctantly) a modest increase of about $20 bucks per seat but nothing more!

Caretaker Bob must realize that it is not just about the experience of being there - that arguement has died after the team has gone 16 - 29 since he took over. We want to see some decent, quality and organized football from our team for a change!

I work far too hard for my money to throw it away on the garbage we are witnessing in Hamilton.

I’ll be back as a season ticket holder but sure ain’t paying what I am now for box seats with this passing offence that is pure garbage. Will get cheaper seats and move around since there will be more empty seats at the stadium next year as long as this continue.

All the commercials are pissing me off. I don't need them being blasted at me so loudly that I can't hear my radio or talk to someone 2 seats over. I am not even near the speakers.

I Love where I sit but if the Cost goes up
I don't know if can Justify Paying the Extra

When We don't get Effort to win at Home..

If you walked up to the box office to buy tickets for every game, it would cost MORE than season tickets.

People may be called diehards, with their opposite being the fairweather fan, but if this team thinks they will continue to get the crowds with this product - they are certainly naive.
I have stated before that with 4 kids I will not purchase seats until I see a commitment from the upper tier of management that they have a clue - to drop a couple hundred minimum on this product is asinine...... and people may say I don't really "root" for my hometeam, but that is hogwash!
Bob - admit you blew it with your management decisions - and go get a real football guy, not RL, and start this team in the right direction......... still not buying ....

I wouldn't buy tickets for every game. That is why I said I would think about getting the Flex pack which is 5 games, but if I didn't want to go to that many games then I would buy tickets just for the few games that I wanted to go to.

Between the price of Box Seats that I already have and having to take the time off work for some games (lost income) I can not justify paying more money next year when the product on the field has gotten worse.

If Bob thinks he can increase the price of tickets he's not as smart as I thought he was.Pity the marketing department to try and sell this product (bad football team....again)with a price increase.

While I'm sure there will be an increase, it will be interesting to see by how much.
I've already been thinking about the whole expense side of things and I'm currently of the mindset that what I've been watching for the last 5 years is more like dollar store quality football.
There may be 2 seats available in Box I row 16 for 2007. We'll just see what the "caretaker" plans.

Whatever increase in ticket prices there may be (I still cant see Bob doing it) the profits will surely be lost in the lack of renewals and advanced single ticket sales.

Bob is going to have a big surprise when half of the present season ticket holders will not renew for next year if there is a increase. This is suicide for Bob to jack up prices and recieve nothing in return, it will be very interesting come the winter months for renewels!!!!!!!!!!

the ticats owe me and 29000 others a refund for the past two home games, i want my money back, and a voucher for a free 2-4 of labatt ice.

Well said....I've been to all sorts of different sporting events in my time...many of them more expensive than attending a Cats game, but never before have I left thinking that I should be asking for a refund like I have the last two Cat home games.

And I'm all for a free case of beer too, but how some Sleemans instead??!!