2007 Season Ticket holders ?????

So, with only 2-3 days left to renew seasons tickets for 2007, does anyone know or have they heard where the 2007 Season ticket holder current situation is? Is it up? Down?
10,000 people, 2,000 people?????

Why haven't we heard the status ?????

:cowboy: [/img]

Either way Im sure people that stick with the team will get some good seats from those who jump ship. I am looking to improve my seats anyways...im just waiting to snap them up if anyone leaves. I call me Account rep everyday...sorry about that.

I am so Close to pulling my Deposit ..
right now it not funny ..

Not Impressed at all so far..

This is not Montreal Marcel..
you can't approach Fans the same way.

Well I can imagine it isnt that easy to call 18,000 season ticket holders in a 2-week period before the deadline. Maybe you should read the brochure and invoice like me and everyone else.

Plus, you know about the deadline before the deadline, right?

....now down to 1 day and 16+ hours????

Times ticking for those who are on the fence.


7 hours left!
Com'on folks, even if you're feeling down and out give the buys 1 more chance :rockin:

Just made my deposit this morning for my usual seats. My brother-in-law, who usually shares with me, decided to go for something cheaper on the south side.

I don't have any post-purchase anxiety, the guys at the helm seem to have a plan. Whether it works or not is another matter.

In other words, if Taaffe can perform the same magic he has with QBs in the past, we can groom some of our OL prospects into starters, we can acquire a marquee receiver and a supporting cast, and can re-populate our DL, then maybe everything will be OK.

Alright, on the bright side, maybe the weather will be good again for all the games. It's only rained on one home game in the last 3 years.


I would love to get a hold of the seats of some of those that are going to give up on our Ticats. The closer I can get to the field the better. Hearing that there should be a schedule coming out soon, I can't wait for the season. This is more exciting than Christmas.

Go Ticats Go!!

I think there are a number of available upgrades by the sounds of opinions in here.

I reluctantly renewed my seats, not because I have confidence that the FIRE SALE the team has instituted will make anything better this year, but because I don't want to lose the seat location that took me a few years to get, for the future.

There is a saying:

Fool me once shame on you... (2006 season)

Fool me twice shame on me...(this better not be the line for 2007 or The Cats won't ever get a chance to fool me again)

18,000 is the estimation in the spec today. I think the deadline is a good idea. This gives fans who want to upgrade a chance in early February (now end of Feb) to upgrade. Box J doesn't even have 3 seats together right now. If the Cats waited until May, then no one would ever be able to upgrade. The excuse, oh the schedule isn't out is ridiculous. We know that we will see every team in the east at least 2 times and all the teams in the west once. The games will be Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun and the labour day game on Monday.

It's not that big of a sacrifice! 10 homes games a year? I upgraded this year and the seats are less than 40 dollars a game. What else can you do for 40 dollars?

Yes I'm quoting myself from 9 months ago...but this need to make it back to the top of the forum again.

I believe we all got fooled again!

Don't want to assume anything...... So are you renewing???? :lol: :lol: :lol: