2007 Season At A Quick Glance - 2 Games In --- :)

Okay we all are used to drama in the Peg, so i will let out my thoughts here after attending last nights game (a sell out by the way) ..... Bombers are looking good and are Grey Cup Material So far, Montreal looks aweful ... lol ... so i pick The BB'S to finish 1st, Hamilton has work to do still, T.O might give us a fight yet .... so what has changed from 2006?

Kevin Glenn and the O.C - Glenn looks good so far this year and the play calling is more exciting than last year ( run, pass, kick in 2006) - this year it is looking like we are taking some great risks or plays (whichever u wanna look at it) see 60+ yard TD pass to Edwards ... we didn't see that last year.

Edwards - This guy is the real deal and was the best pick up for the BB'S so far, great reciever.

Milt is Milt, Blink Is Blink - Enough Said

Jenkins - This guy can fly and puts 100% in every play, another awesome pick up and a horse on defense

Simpson and Hebert - These guys are probably the 2 most feared in the league, look out, Simpson leads in tackles (again)

Cam Hall - This kid is looking better every play, keeper on D, yes?

Brazzel - Looking like the reciever he was , great 2ND QTR TD Catch.


i went to the sell out game.great game!32-23 win. i think that everything is going good except for the kicking game.40 year old troy westwood is not shaped up for cfl material.everything else excellent!

lmao that was so funny when the crowd started chanting dirty sanchez :lol:

....Sanchez plays on the borderline of dirty sometimes.....takes a shot at someone and trys to put on the innocent act....Go back a few yrs. ...Sanchez was playing for the Schmoes.....the game was essentially over....second to last play....Mr. Sanchez decides he's gonna really lay a lick on Milt.....the Bombers had lost the game by then...nothing to prove...so he comes full tilt and lays Milt out....resulting in a concussion....the fans went nuts and if they could have that's what they would have removed from Sanchez...I think Milt remembers this guy... and it probably was the reason he blew a fuse at him in the last game....Sanchez better keep a low profile when playing the Bombers ....or we'll have to sic Stoddard on him again ...to straighten him out ...so to speak... :lol:

a few reasons for that, hes in the same offensive scheme two years in a row his first time in his career

he finally has a recieving corps that has a threat outside of milt for his first time as a bomber starter

he has had next to no weapons, and was always in a new offense… its actually pretty impressive what hes done for us thus far

ya he always hits low i think it was charley he hit low i dont know how u hit charley in the knees he would have to be pretty dam low... an the whole game i saw him and stoddard going at it i say kik his @$$ jamie!