2007 Schedule

Does anyone know when the CFL usually release the schedule?


end of Feb.
Check the 2006 archives

Actually it's end of THIS month!

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&topicnum=&nid=7236&writer=0]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=news ... 6&writer=0[/url]

Nice, can't wait.
Also, I've been looking for a copy of the "old" 2006 schedule (before the Renegades canned). Thanks for that link ... now I hope to prove that the reason the2006 CFL schedule was so "screwed up" was because they had to rewrite it under such short notice, and NOT because the CFL is incompetent, as the Canadian media would have you believe ...

Okay it’s next week bring on the schedule.

Last years Schedule was released on a Friday Jan 27th.
I guess this friday would be the same date.
Cross my fingers :smiley:

CKNW reported that it might be out as early as Friday but maybe on Monday. Apparently the Lions aren't happy because there are some Thursday night home games. Friday before Labour day, and Saturday after Labour day are the two best nights. Anything else, and the attendance takes a hit.

Everyone complains (teams & fans) when the schedule is out!

They should make it "mandatory" to have Friday Night & Saturday afternoon game (3-4pm) until mid-September then Saturday afternoon & Sunday games only, except Labor Day (2 games).

Montreal had 3 Thursday night games for the last 2 years, I didn't like it, but I still commute 400km for the game, and missed Friday’s @ work, but got "over it" !

Thursday night game should be "ban" by the league! It's not as if the teams can't "rent" their "stadium" for Friday, Saturday & Sunday games.

I know Blue Jays have priority on SkyDump, and t takes 48 hours to change the surface to football configuration, but I’m sure something better could be worked by the league & teams.

I like Thursday games!
Okay Friday games would be better but having a weeknight game just brings the city alive downtown after work. Tons of traffic and tons of people! :smiley:
But it's really about enjoying a summer night that makes it special.
It's the Wednesday game that's a little messed up.

If you ask when do most NFL teams play everyone states Sunday, if you ask that same question of the CFL and it's Friday, no Saturday, no Sunday, well sometimes Monday or Thursday. Too bad the CFL can't have a day that identifies the league. Then again maybe no one cares.

Actually, the NFL is moving its schedule around so there are Thursday night cames. If I remember correctly, the NFL isn't allowed to play Thursday, Friday, and Saturday before a certain date, because those days are reserved for college football.

Reason Thursday games don’t draw well, is that the Lions draw people from Chilliwack, which is a 2 hour drive into Vancouver. A lot of people who work Friday have a short night, so a lot of Chilliwack people stay home on Thursday nights. Whereas on A Friday, nobody has to worry about work the next day.

Why not have double Headers on Friday nights instead on Thursday night games?

Agreed. Have an East followed by a West game every Friday night. Go to McGill stadium to watch the first game then head to a bar to watch the second.

I would prefer 1 on Friday and 2 either on Saturday or Sunday.
The second game of a Friday night double header finishes a little late here in the east!

Comon ro1313, I thought you were a party animal that cruised the bars at night! :wink: :wink:

Not when there is a game on!

With 4 games every week, why not make everybody happy, and tired, with double headers on both Friday and Saturday?

Because I love to watch a game on a Sunday afternoon

There were only 7 Sunday regular season games last season...and of those Sundays, two were double headers. I'm really sure what that proves, but I thought I'd toss that out anyway.

I really hope they keep the double header on Friday night, games on Sat and Sun, and reduce the mid-week(like thursday) games.