2007 Player Awards Finalists...

MOP kerry joseph all the way.

better record, less picks, more TDs rushed for and more rushing yards....

the only thing glenn has more of, is passing yards ( and more INTs ) and only 1 more passing TD.

remember in '05, when i was the only poster who thought KJ was good, and everyone else bashed him sayin he'll never be a top tier QB?....i love being right.

He is better than good... He is great!

Right Tony?


Oh happy joy!!! Another crystal ball!

Its one unit but a single award. People can perform better than others on the same line. What if Jiminez were to get schooled every time on the one side and the QB gets sacked over and over but when they go thru Murphy’s side, they run into a wall. Does that reflect badly on Murphy? I think not. Its an individual award so overall O line stats only tell part of the story for these awards.

Didnt the Lions win with all these frail QBs last year? Next.

Actually, it does... There can't be one amazing O Lineman on a crappy line who can win the OL of the year award... Because as a unit, they need to be solid...

Do you honestly think, and no offence Hamilton..., that Rob Murphy or anybody else could win best OL with their line? I dont think so... Or how about the 05 Renegades? Nope...

And the winners are

QB – Kerry Joseph – SSK
QB – Kevin Glenn – WPG
Jospeh beats Kevin Glen, he has been more consistent and the team has consistently improved under his leadership.

SB – Jason Clermont – BC
DE – Doug Brown – WPG
This was the toughest to pick, but going with the underdog Brown here, very consistent player and plays a very tough position. Beats out Clermont, because Clermont gets the nod by barely beating out Fantuz. If Fantuz had played the last two games, instead of sitting most of the 1st one and all of the second he would have won the nomination.

DE – Cameron Wake – BC
DE – Jonathan Brown – TOR
Jonathan Brown, wins this one. Toronto's defense has won them more games this year then BC's Defense. The pressure and power that Brown is able to deliver exceeds what Wake brings to the table.

T – Rob Murphy – BC
T – Dan Goodspeed – WPG
This is the second toughest one to pick. Murphy is the obvious pick, as they say any exposure is good exposure. However, now that they have finalized the selection, will it be about the media coverage that Murphy gets or the solid regular play of Goodspeed...this one goes to Goodspeed.

DE – Cameron Wake – BC
P/K – Nick Setta – HAM
This is another one that Cameron Wake could lose. Wake is a great player amongst a number of great defensive players. Setta is clearily the underdog in this category. However, here is a guy who has consistently helped his team out with great kicking. While there are those who will say Wake will win because he is a defensive player over Setta. It is Setta impact on Hamilton that makes him the winner.

RB – Ian Smart – BC
RB – Dominique Dorsey – TOR
No choice here, Ian Smart. It would have been Dorsey's if he had played the first 5 games of the season. Dorsey has better average more return touchdowns, etc. Who knows maybe the media might decide to give it to him, if he has a big game in Sask.

Mikejth is underestimating just how good Cameron Wake really is. The guy is a freak of athletic ability. How many DE's have as many tackles as Wake to go with the Sacks? The guy blocked a punt as well with his incredible leaping ability.

There is no way Wake will lose either award. A kicker beating the CFL's Sack Leader for Rookie of the Year would be a travesty.

If you go by stats, Doug Brown shouldnt be impressing any voters as there are a lot better DE's this year. Fantuz likely would have won if he had the consistency and played the whole year. Clermont has been a monster lately and will win it.

Offensive Lineman could go either way. I think Murphy gets a lot of attention with his antics and that might turn some voters off him to go for the underdog. I say Goodspeed wins and I admit I've never heard of the guy. It's more of a anyone but Murphy wins vote I think.

If that was the case, Murphy would never have made it out of the West.

Why cant there be? Is there a rule somewhere? When someone is a great player at their position, they tend to shine thru even when the people around him are bringing down the average. lets hope the voters have enough football smarts to be able to see that instead of sheep voting.

Looks like another Lions sweep again this year. It’s good o see the best players in the league get recognition.

Saying Fantuz would have won the West had he played the end of the season is comical at best. How do you know how he would have played? he may have played great, average or possibly like ass. Its all speculation so why try and pass it as fact?

I once heard something about an infinite amount of monkeys gazing into an infinite amount of crystal balls or some such LOL!! :stuck_out_tongue:

They were neck and neck a few weeks ago, and then the meaningless games came into play. I still think Clermont was going to take it, but it definately could have been a close call had BC not wrapped up 1st, which means backups play on both teams.

I still think the Awards finalists and nominees shouldn't be done until the season is officially over, but this year I doubt it would have changed much in the final 2 games.

I think you are somewhat ignorant as to how O Lines work...

Why cant there be? Is there a rule somewhere? When someone is a great player at their position, they tend to shine thru even when the people around him are bringing down the average. lets hope the voters have enough football smarts to be able to see that instead of sheep voting.
It is a bit of both. As Jman says, a great o-lineman on a lousy line likely will never win this type of award. If you only have one great o-lineman, he will get pounded over the course of a season. No rushing stats, no passing stats, a losing team, etc., etc. The best example is likely Scott Flory. I think he is better than either of the finalists. Playing on that overall porous line in Montreal for a mediocre team, he doesn't get nominated. Khan, now with Winnipeg, supposedly graded out as the best o-lineman in the league in his final year in Ottawa. No sacks on a team that gave up a million sacks. And he is one of the very best in the game. No award for him. If the 4 guys standing beside you on the o-line are no good, I don't care if you are the greatest lineman in the world, you will look bad out there.

I pretty much agree with all this. My issue is with crystal ball guy (mike) claiming Fantuz would have won the west...we dont know how it would turn out and im slightly disappointed we werent given the chance to see that.

I dont think so. I fully understand that the other guys on the line directly affect each and every other member. Im just saying that it is possible, to someone who really know the ins and outs of an O line, to see how good someone is regardless of the slugs around him. I didnt say thats not how it worked, I suggested that it should work this way due to it being an individual award (granted in a position that is very much affected by your line mates)

I completely understand the point you are making, it would be very hard for a great O lineman on a crap line to get the recognition for many reasons. We are getting a bit off track here...we are comparing BC and Winnipeg's O lines in essence...not some of the worst ones in the league :smiley: Its not like winnipegs O line as a whole was so much better than BC's that an award should automatically go to them. I just think it should work based on the effort put forth by the one, not the results of the group. A great player can only carry a bunch of scrubs so far.

I don't understand why they aren't. They could easily do all the voting the week after the end of the season and make the announcements as it creates the most suspense. It seems ridiculous to me to ignore the last two weeks of the season especially since playoff positions are often decided then.

Doug Brown is a Defensive Tackle plays the middle of line like Aaron Hunt and T. Williams. Where as Jonathon Brown is an Defensive End.